"The ShadowClan warrior, a dark brown tabby called Logfur, bunched his haunches, ready to leap back into battle, but Mossheart hurtled up to him and planted herself in her way."
— Narrator in Code of the Clans, page 135

Logfur is a dark brown tabby tom.[1]


In the Field Guide Arc

Code of the Clans

Logfur is an ancient ShadowClan warrior.
During a battle, he fights with a WindClan warrior until two medicine cats, Mossheart of ShadowClan and Swiftfoot of WindClan, break up the battle. He whirls around to fight another cat, but Mossheart yells at him to go back to camp. He protests, saying there is a battle to be fought, but reluctantly follows the order. As he pads away, a thin trail of blood follows him from a cut on his tail.


Mossheart: "You heard what Swiftfoot said! Go home!"
Logfur: "There's a battle to be fought."
Mossheart: "Not anymore."
—Mossheart and Logfur Code of the Clans, page 135

"Logfur glared at her, then slunk away, leaving a thin trail of blood from a cut on his tail."
—Narrator Code of the Clans, page 135

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