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Chapter Number: 7 (of 28)
Page Numbers: 86-103

Chapter description

Lionblaze's PoV

Firestar calls a Clan meeting with Tawnypelt and Brambleclaw beside him. Firestar runs nimbly down the tumbled rocks, and Tawnypelt and Brambleclaw make their way down more carefully. Mousefur and Longtail emerge from the elders' den, Foxpaw and Icepaw following, each carrying a mouthful of moss. Mousefur's fur is bristling, and Lionblaze realizes the apprentices must have told her what was going on.
Graystripe appeared from the dirtplace tunnel, joining the group by the fresh-kill-pile, and giving the ShadowClan apprentices a friendly nod. Leafpool emerged from the medicine cat den and sat in front of the brambles, while Daisy came out of the nursery with her four kits peering curiously from behind her. Whitewing and Birchfall bounded out of the warriors' den and sat at the foot of the rock, and Lionblaze spotted Thornclaw poking his head out of the warriors' den after them. Sorreltail and Squirrelflight stand side by side, their tails flicking.
As the cats gather for the meeting, Lionblaze is aware of the uneasy looks cats give to Tawnypelt and the three apprentices. He hears muttering too as if many warriors were unhappy that ShadowClan cats were in their camp. Berrynose stalks over to the fresh-kill-pile, saying that Firestar surely isn't going to bring in more outsiders. Spiderleg agrees to this, saying that's what caused the battle with WindClan and RiverClan. Lionblaze goes back to Berrynose's comment, asking where he would be if Firestar hadn't brought him in when he was a kit. Berrynose responds, saying that was different. Jaypaw mutters to Lionblaze, sarcastically saying that Berrynose is so special.
Firestar begins the meeting, saying that Tawnypelt and her kits have asked for shelter since their Clan changed their ways. Flamepaw mutters quietly, saying that he and his siblings were apprentices, not kits. Mousefur calls out from her spot at the entrance of the elders' den, asking Firestar if he really was going to agree to that, and that outsiders have caused enough trouble in ThunderClan. Before Firestar can reply, Graystripe springs to his paws and hisses, saying that Tawnypelt and her kits are a part of ThunderClan, and they deserve to have a home here. Mousefur retorts, saying that nobody made Tawnypelt leave ThunderClan. Murmers of agreement rise from the ThunderClan cats, and Lionblaze sees dismay in the ShadowClan apprentices' eyes.
Tigerpaw mutters that ThunderClan doesn't want them here, and Lionblaze admits that some cats do, but assures him that Firestar will change their minds. Firestar continues the meeting, saying that Tawnypelt and her kits will only stay till Sol is chased out of ShadowClan. Dawnpaw sighs, asking how many more times Firestar will call her and her siblings kits. Cloudtail says they should send a patrol and drive Sol out, and the lake would be much better. Birchfall agrees, starting to say that ShadowClan helped them, so ThunderClan should help ShadowClan, but yowls of protest interrupt his last few words. Sorreltail meows that there has been enough fighting, and glances at Squirrelflight, adding that some cats are still recovering from wounds.
Spiderleg adds to this, saying that ShadowClan should deal with their own problems, and it's not ThunderClan's business. Cloudtail replies that if ShadowClan is in ThunderClan's camp, then it is not just ShadowClan's problem. Firestar calls for silence, before announcing that the three apprentices will train alongside Foxpaw and Icepaw; who exchange delighted glances, and Tawnypelt will have a place in the warriors' den. Ashfur questions this, asking if she could be trusted. Firestar ignores his question, and calls for patrols, though Lionblaze sees Brambleclaw's fur bristle. Before dissmissing, Firestar says to restock the fresh-kill-pile and to keep a close eye on WindClan, before Brambleclaw leaps down to organize patrols. He calls for Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, Dustpelt, and Sorreltail for a hunting patrol, while he tells Flamepaw, Dawnpaw, and Tigerpaw to talk to Firestar. They spring up, daunted by the chance to talk to the leader, and Lionblaze tells them they will be fine, before padding to join the rest of the patrol.
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