Megan Stitt is a designer at HarperCollins Publishers.[1]

She is the jacket designer for Yellowfang's Secret,[2] Tallstar's Revenge,[3] The Sun Trail,[4] The Ultimate Guide,[5] and The First Battle.[6] She currently lives in New York City, New York.[1]


Megan Stitt currently works for HarperCollins Publishers as a designer. She was hired on August 2011. Megan has previously worked as a designer and marketer for Penguin Group Inc, and also worked as a student service coordinator at the University of Pheonix. Both times she worked for three years. Megan has received her education in publishing from the New York University where she studied in 2008. She learned to graphic design from the Lansing Community College for three years and lastly received an education in BA and English from the University of Georgia.[7]


Warriors Books

She has done Jacket Designs for:

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