"There was a time when Firestar was a young warrior just like you. He often wondered if he was making the right decisions. Oh yes, he's a hero now, he saved the forest, but to begin with, his task looked as impossible as yours- whatever it might be. His prophecy has been fulfilled, maybe it's your turn now. Remember that StarClan don't like to make things obvious. They send prophecies, but they never tell us exactly what we should do. They expect us to show courage and loyalty to achieve what has to be done, just as Firestar did."
Ravenpaw to Brambleclaw in Midnight, page 95
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Chapter Number: 6 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 81-95

Chapter Summary

Leafpaw's PoV

Leafpaw's dreams are disturbed. They consist of how it seems like she is following a scent trail to Fourtrees and the next moment she feels tense, like she is confronting an enemy. The danger suddenly fades to coldness. Leafpaw jerks awake to her den covered in rain. The apprentice dashes to Cinderpelt's den. The gray medicine cat is sleeping soundly and does not rouse even when Leafpaw runs in, shaking water out of her pelt.
Leafpaw rejoices that the long dry spell is at it's end with the current downpour but a part of her is also worried about her dreams. She wonders if they are an omen from StarClan or if they are Squirrelpaw's thoughts from the night before. The light brown tabby notes this is not the first time she caught Squirrelpaw doing something she wasn't told to do, if the latter is the reason. Leafpaw sighs, settling on the speculation that Squirrelpaw had sneaked out for a nighttime hunt. The medicine cat apprentice wonders what Firestar will do if he finds out.
Noticing the rain is easing away, Leafpaw sneaks out of the medicine den so she can find Squirrelpaw and assist her in hiding whatever mischief she was up to. But Squirrelpaw isn't in the camp, but instead the other apprentices are there, drinking up a puddle eagerly. Ferncloud's kits peer out of the nursery, stunned at the puddles around the camp. Ferncloud watches her kits proudly as they get excited and start playing with the water. Leafpaw watches them a moment before she hears sound at the camp entrance, wondering if it's Squirrelpaw. But the scent of the arriver is not of ThunderClan's and the tabby she-cat opens her mouth to shout a warning to her Clan until she recognizes the cat, Ravenpaw.
The black tom walks over and greets her. He comments on the rainstorm and how strong it was and Leafpaw nods a greeting, about to ask him if he saw Squirrelpaw on his way when Whitepaw, Shrewpaw, and Ferncloud's kits rush over to meet the newcomer. The biggest kit sniffs Ravenpaw and growls that this is a new cat. Ravenpaw dips his head in greeting, looking amused. Shrewpaw introduces Hollykit to Ravenpaw, explaining who the loner is. Hollykit is impressed when Shrewpaw mentions that Ravenpaw hunts mice everyday. Birchkit remarks that he wants to visit the the farm and Ferncloud replies he can when he's older. She greets Ravenpaw but cuts herself off when she notices Hollykit and Larchkit playing with Ravenpaw's tail. The black tom scolds them gently and Ferncloud apologizes on the kits' behalf. Ravenpaw tells the queen it's okay, drawing his tail out of the way and Ferncloud tells her kits to say goodbye to Ravenpaw and leave and the kits do so.
Whitepaw asks Ravenpaw if there is anything he wants to eat and the latter politely declines, meowing he already had something. He asks if Firestar is around and Shrewpaw offers to take him to the leader's den but Leafpaw says that she can. At the same time, Thornclaw yowls for Shrewpaw and the apprentice leaves to train. Whitepaw also leaves and finds Brackenfur. Suddenly, the camp entrance rustles and Squirrelpaw enters with a rabbit in her jaws and Leafpaw starts walking over to confront her sister until she remembers her offer. Ravenpaw assures her he can find his way on his own, allowing Leafpaw to speak with her sister.
Squirrelpaw waits for Leafpaw to catch up with her and says the rabbit is for the latter and Cinderpelt. Leafpaw demands to know where the ginger apprentice was, saying she was worried sick. Squirrelpaw, hurt, explains that she had went out when the rain had started to ease off. She adds that the tabby might as well say thank you. Squirrelpaw leaves to put the rabbit in front of Cinderpelt's den.
Leafpaw feels as if Squirrelpaw is lying as her dreams told her that the latter was doing a lot more than hunting. The medicine cat apprentice follows her sister into the den and Squirrelpaw says Leafpaw might as well say she did well to catch it. Leafpaw exclaims she did, sounding proud and adds especially because Squirrelpaw seemed to have such a disturbed night. Squirrelpaw freezes, shocked. But she asks why Leafpaw thinks she had a disturbed night. Leafpaw says she just knows that she was awake all night and Squirrelpaw argues, saying she had eatena bad frog at night which left her with a stomachache. Leafpaw unsheathes her claws, upset that her sister's lying to her. She quietly asks why Squirrelpaw didn't ask for herbs. Leafpaw notes Squirrelpaw's guilty expression as the latter says she's fine now and it was nothing to fuss over. Cinderpelt appears, complimenting Squirrelpaw on the rabbit and the ginger apprentice licks her own shoulder, proudly. But she still refuses to meet her sister's gaze.
Cinderpelt gives Leafpaw a leaf packet consisting of a poppy seed. The gray she-cat asks her apprentice to take the seed to Dappletail to help her sleep through her toothache. Leafpaw strolls away with the herb, glancing back at her sister once, disappointment engulfing her when Squirrelpaw still refuses to meet her gaze. She wonders what happened between her and Squirrelpaw to keep them this distant.
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