"Whose bright idea was it to dig up half the clearing? If it keeps raining, we'll all sink up to our necks!"
— Mistpelt when the cats are digging up rotten prey in Goosefeather's Curse, chapter 9

Mistpelt is a thick-furred[2] pale[4] gray she-cat with green eyes.[2]


In the Novellas

Pinestar's Choice

Mistpelt is a warrior of ThunderClan, mentor to Pinepaw. She shows her apprentice around the territory, pointing with her tail towards the wooden fence that seperates Twolegplace from the forest. Pinepaw tips his head back to look up at the fence, asking his mentor if the Twolegs had built it to keep the cats out. Mistpelt purrs, saying that they aren't that scary and probably just wanted a border of their own, but are too lazy to send out any patrols, and like any Clan border, the cats have to remember they aren't welcome on the other side.
Eyes gleaming, Mistpelt finishes that it's not to say they can't have a look around on that side sometimes, but it's nothing like the forest. She starts to pad away with her belly fur brushing against the long grass, while Pinepaw stays behind for a moment. He slinks up to the fence and has a look through a small hole, and is startled when he sees a yellow eye glaring at him. Mistpelt hurtles up the fence, causing it to rattle, and arches her back and screeches at the other cat to leave her apprentice alone, hissing for them go back to their Twolegs. Mistpelt jumps back down and nods to her apprentice, sounding out of breath, that it was nothing but an old kittypet. Licking the fur on her chest, she tells Pinepaw that he'll be able to chase them off himself next time.
As the two leave, Pinepaw keeps close to his mentor's flank, muttering that he'd be glad if he never saw another kittypet again. With a purr, Mistpelt says he will, but their claws and teeth are blunt, and they're all scared of their own shadows. She nods at a swath of brambles that block their way, explaining that beyond them is the Thudnerpath, asking Pinepaw if he can hear the noise. Mistpelt leads her apprentice into the bushes, where he peeks out of them and tries to not gag on the stench. She warns that while hey won't go any closer than that that day, he'll learn to cross the Thunderpath when he goes to visit the Moonstone.
Thw two pad along the territory border, until Mistpelt comes to an abrupt stop with her ears pricked. Pinepaw sees flashes of bright orange, indicating Twolegs. Mistpelt whispers that they'll have to go around the Twolegs, and even if they aren't interested in the cats, it's probably better to not take any risks. She crawls away from the Twolegs and Thunderpath, into the bracken. She hisses at Pinepaw to come with her when he hangs back for too long, asking what he is waiting for. Pinepaw defends himself, saying he was curious, and Mistpelt teases that curious apprentices get their noses bitten off. She then informs Pinepaw that Oakstar had sent a patrol last night, and it looked like the Twolegs are digging a tunnel underneath the Thunderpath. When Pinepaw says that it's cool, Mistpelt replies that it isn't, and if he wants it to be easy for ShadowClan to come into their territory.
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Goosefeather's Curse

Mistpelt is an elder of ThunderClan.
Her only appearance is when she is seen going out of the elders' den on her way to the dirtplace, visually irritated, and hissing when her paws sink into the mud. She demands to know whose idea it was the dig up the clearing, as if it keeps raining they'll end up sinking up to their necks.

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