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Chapter Number: 8 (of 10)
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Chapter Summary

Mistystar's PoV

The chapter begins with Mistystar managing to catch a small minnow. She is praised by Beetlewhisker, who is watching her from above. She points out that it is small, not much more than a mouthful. Beetlewhisker comments that bigger fish are beginning to appear in the lake again, which surprises Mistystar. He goes on to say that he spotted a trout larger than his tail the day before, but was told to leave it alone by Mothwing as the big fish need to breed to provide RiverClan with more adequate food. Mistystar, surprised, says that Mothwing never mentioned this to her, and Beetlewhisker suggests that maybe she felt she would feel the same way. Mistystar notices that he is uncomfortable, and so leaves him sitting unhappily by the shore, alone.
She leaves the minnow at the fresh-kill pile and heads to the medicine cat den, finding Mothwing organizing a pile of leaves. Mistystar demands to know why Mothwing told Beetlewhisker not to catch the trout he found, and she gives the same explanation. Mistystar stubbornly insists that that should have been her decision, knowing that Mothwing has a fair point but feeling as if she is being undermined. Mothwing points out that she wasn't there and that she is allowed to have her opinion on the matter, and Mistystar snaps that maybe she shouldn't after lying about her belief, or lack thereof, in StarClan. Mothwing asks if Mistystar trusts her to do anything and Mistystar says that she's not sure if she does because everything around her seems to be going wrong. Mothwing says that Willowshine will tell her if StarClan sends her a sign, and Mistystar, defeated, asks if her loyalty to her mentor is too strong and then pleads with her to accept that she cannot be a medicine cat before a StarClan gives up on RiverClan completely. Mothwing leaves her den, whispering that just because she doesn't believe in StarClan doesn't mean Mistystar needs to give up her faith.
Mistystar hears a commotion by the fresh-kill pile and spots Mosspaw and Troutpaw arguing over who should get the last piece of squirrel, thinking that at least they're getting a taste for land prey. Not having the energy to deal with them, however, she heads to the entrance and finds a quiet place to lie down to contemplate her own thoughts. She remembers Rushpaw telling her about training with Hollowpaw under an elderflower bush next to a holly tree, which matches the description of the place she is, but the area seems to have not been disturbed recently implying that Rushpaw may have lied to her. She shrugs it off and decided to question him about where they were later. She wonders if Beetlewhisker is right about trout returning to the lake, and if her warriors could resist catching them before there was a decent population of them. Suddenly, she feels warm breath on her ear and detects her brother's scent.
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