-- Common data for publication.
-- See [[User:CXuesong/Publications]] for more information.
-- For detailed guide on syntax, see [[User:CXuesong/Publications/Module guide]].
local p = {}
-- Locales are case-sensitive and should be corresponding to the module names
-- E.g. en stands for Module:Sandbox/CXuesong/Publication/data/en
p.Locales = {
p.Arcs = {
    {"Dawn of the Clans",
        Volumes = {
            {"The Sun Trail"},
            {"Thunder Rising"},
            {"The First Battle"},
            {"The Blazing Star"},
            {"A Forest Divided"},
            {"Path of Stars"}
    {"The Prophecies Begin",
        Volumes = {
            {"Into the Wild"},
            {"Fire and Ice"},
            {"Forest of Secrets"},
            {"Rising Storm"},
            {"A Dangerous Path"},
            {"The Darkest Hour"},
    {"The New Prophecy",
        Volumes = {
    {"Power of Three",
        Volumes = {
            {"The Sight"},
            {"Dark River"},
            {"Long Shadows"},
    {"Omen of the Stars",
        Volumes = {
            {"The Fourth Apprentice"},
            {"Fading Echoes"},
            {"Night Whispers"},
            {"Sign of the Moon"},
            {"The Forgotten Warrior"},
            {"The Last Hope"},
    {"A Vision of Shadows",
        Volumes = {
            {"The Apprentice's Quest"},
            {"Thunder and Shadow"},
            {"Shattered Sky"},
            {"Darkest Night"},
    {"Super Edition",
        Volumes = {
            {"Firestar's Quest", "FQ"},
            {"Bluestar's Prophecy", "BP"},
            {"SkyClan's Destiny", "SD"},
            {"Crookedstar's Promise", "CP"},
            {"Yellowfang's Secret", "YS"},
            {"Tallstar's Revenge", "TR"},
            {"Bramblestar's Storm", "BS"},
            {"Moth Flight's Vision", "MF"},
            {"Hawkwing's Journey", "HJ"},
            {"Tigerheart's Shadow", "TS"},
    {"The Untold Stories",
        Volumes = {
            {"Hollyleaf's Story"},
            {"Mistystar's Omen"},
            {"Cloudstar's Journey"},
    {"Tales from the Clans",
        Volumes = {
            {"Tigerstar's Fury"},
            {"Leafpool's Wish"},
            {"Dovewing's Silence"},
    {"Shadows of the Clans",
        Volumes = {
            {"Mapleshade's Vengeance"},
            {"Goosefeather's Curse"},
            {"Ravenpaw's Farewell"},
    {"Legends of the Clans",
        Volumes = {
            {"Spottedleaf's Heart"},
            {"Pinestar's Choice"},
            {"Thunderstar's Echo"},
    {"The Field Guide",
        Volumes = {
            {"Secrets of the Clans"},
            {"Cats of the Clans"},
            {"Code of the Clans"},
            {"Battles of the Clans"},
            {"Enter the Clans"},
            {"The Warriors Guide"},
            {"The Ultimate Guide"},
    {"Stand-Alone Manga",
        Volumes = {
            {"The Rise of Scourge", "RoS"},
    {"The Lost Warrior",
        Volumes = {
            {"The Lost Warrior"},
            {"Warrior's Refuge"},
            {"Warrior's Return"},
    {"Tigerstar and Sasha",
        Volumes = {
            {"Into the Woods"},
            {"Escape from the Forest"},
            {"Return to the Clans"},
    {"Ravenpaw's Path",
        Volumes = {
            {"Shattered Peace"},
            {"A Clan in Need"},
            {"The Heart of a Warrior"},
    {"SkyClan and the Stranger",
        Volumes = {
            {"The Rescue"},
            {"Beyond the Code"},
            {"After the Flood"},
return p

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