"I won't. I'll always be with you, I promise."
Feathertail to Crowpaw in Moonrise, page 271

Chapter Number: 23 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 267-273
Point of View: Stormfur
Preceded: Chapter 22
Next: Chapter 24

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Chapter Number: 23 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 267-273

Chapter Summary

Stormfur's PoV

Stormfur freezes as he realizes it's too late as the Tribe cats pelted to the Cave of Pointed Stones and the Clan cats are left in the center of the cave. Their hesitation was too long and Sharptooth bursts into the cave.
Like the Tribe had said, it was a lion but without a mane on its neck. Sharptooth was following Talon's blood trail. Brambleclaw orders the Clan cats to hide, and leaps toward the lion-cat, lashing out both front paws and rolling aside. Squirrelpaw springs onto Sharptooth's back. Brambleclaw asks her what in the name of StarClan is she doing. Sharptooth twisted, trying to dislodge Squirrelpaw.
Squirrelpaw leaped down and Sharptooth ran after her, but she was too fast for it. Stormfur followed Feathertail until they reached a ledge tucked under the cave roof. All cats were in hiding places. Crowpaw is spotted by Sharptooth, and the lion-cat scratches him. Stormfur hears Feathertail whisper Crowpaw. She shot Stormfur a long look. She says that she can hear the voices clearly now, and that this is for her to do.
Feathertail leaped up toward the cave roof, digging her claws into one of the narrow talons of stone. The rock splits beneath Feathertail's weight. She plummeted down, straight at Sharptooth. The spike of rock landed on Sharptooth, while Feathertail landed beside the stone. Crowpaw and Stormfur hurry towards Feathertail. Feathertail lay without moving. Crowpaw and Stormfur ask her if she's okay but there's no response.
Stormfur saw her chest rise and fall. Stormfur says she'll be fine because she's got a prophecy to fulfill. Crowpaw pleads Feathertail to wake up. Stormfur thought he saw Silverstream's body behind the waterfall. Crowpaw gasped as Feathertail opened her eyes. Feathertail says to Stormfur that he'll have to go home without her and save the Clan. Then she whispers to Crowpaw if he thinks he has nine lives and that she saved him once, and to not make her save him again. Crowpaw pleads Feathertail not to leave him, and Feathertail says she won't, and promises to always be with him.
Feathertail dies. Squirrelpaw says that she can't be dead. Meanwhile the Tribe is happy because Sharptooth is dead. Silverstream's voice came to Stormfur and said to not grieve for too long because she will hunt safely with StarClan and that she would take of her. Brook whispers that the silver cat came, but Stormfur growls that he brought her. Then Crowpaw says it's his fault because if he refused to come back to the cave Feathertail would have stayed with him.
Brook whispers that she's sorry for Stormfur. Stoneteller says that the Tribe of Endless Hunting was right and that the silver cat came. Stormfur wishes the silver cat would have been him. For a heartbeat, he thought he saw two silver cats, but when he blinked, they were gone.





Important Events


  • Feathertail: Killed by force of impact.[3]

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