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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Moonrise that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • The reader is introduced to a cave.
  • Cats ask the healer of the Tribe of Rushing Water if he has had any signs.
  • Stoneteller, the Healer of the Tribe of Rushing Water reassures his cats that there is hope, that a cat with silver fur will come and save the Tribe.
  • The cats ask Stoneteller to confirm his reading his true.
    • Stoneteller tells them it is, that he had seen the sheen of the silver in the pool.
    • He confirms that he doesn't know when the silver cat will come, and the only thing they can do is wait until the silver cat arrives.

  • Stormfur's perspective.
  • He wakes up and remembers that Twolegs would destroy the forest.
  • He feels jealousy towards Brambleclaw for being so close to Squirrelpaw.
  • Tawnypelt is healing well from her rat bite.
  • The traveling cats meet up with Purdy again.
  • Crowpaw asks Feathertail to hunt with him.
    • Stormfur becomes worried about how close the cats are becoming.
  • Stormfur suddenly smells foxes very nearby.

  • Stormfur's perspective.
  • Purdy tries to attack the foxes, only to be stopped by Stormfur.
    • Midnight talks to the foxes in a mix of barks and growls.
    • The foxes tell Midnight if the cats are still there by sunset, they'll attack.
  • Midnight tells the traveling cats to go through the mountains.
    • Purdy tries to tell them it's dangerous, but Midnight cuts him off.
  • Brambleclaw thanks Midnight, and they decide to go through the mountains.

  • Leafpaw's perspective.
  • The battling cats stop fighting.
  • Russetfur sends Cedarheart back to fetch more warriors.
  • She finally decides to let the ThunderClan patrol go on to Blackstar.
  • Blackstar does not seem to care about the forest being destroyed, and called it "just some Twoleg activity".
  • Russetfur escorts the ThunderClan patrol back to the border.
  • Leafpaw convinces Sorreltail to come with her to see WindClan.
  • They notice something odd about the territory.
  • A WindClan patrol of Mudclaw, Tornear, and an unknown tabby tom begins to chase them out of their territory.
  • They arrive in RiverClan territory, to be met by Mothwing, but she means no harm.
  • Leafpaw and Sorreltail leave, with a gift of fish from Mothwing, but only because a RiverClan patrol was coming.

  • Stormfur's perspective.
  • The cats begin to climb through the mountains.
    • Squirrelpaw almost falls off the edge of a boulder.
  • They find a gap in their path, larger than the previous ones.
  • Stormfur almost gets caught by a eagle as he jumps across.
  • He later confronts Feathertail on her relationship with Crowpaw.
    • She tells him that it was none of his business.
  • The cats seem to meet a dead end.
    • However, they find a waterfall.
    • Feathertail almost falls in, but is saved by Crowpaw.
  • The mountain stream floods and sweeps the cats over the waterfall.

  • Leafpaw's perspective.
  • Leafpaw is in RiverClan territory again with Mothwing teaching her how to fish.
  • Leafpaw then eats a fish with Mothwing.
  • Hawkfrost comes and scents WindClan and ThunderClan, but not before Leafpaw hid in the reeds.
  • Hawkfrost implies that if the other Clans are weak, then RiverClan could rule over the whole forest.
    • Mothwing accuses him of acting like Tigerstar.
  • Mothwing leads Hawkfrost upstream so Leafpaw can escape.
  • Leafpaw thinks about how Hawkfrost resembles Brambleclaw.
    • She wonders if Tigerstar could be his and Mothwing's father.
  • Graystripe is hunting and finds Leafpaw.
  • She asks him about Sasha.
  • Leafpaw then tells Firestar that she knows Squirrelpaw is alive, and it must have been raining.

  • Stormfur's perspective.
  • All the traveling cats are weak but survive the ordeal.
  • They see other cats, covered in mud.
    • The cats seem to speak in a different accent.
  • Tawnypelt calls them mud warriors, and says they are more of a match for them.
  • A cat introduces them as the Tribe of Rushing Water.
  • Brambleclaw agrees to go with the Tribe, as they were in no position to argue.
    • They come to a cave and the Clan cats enter, feeling suspicious.

  • Leafpaw's perspective.
  • Leafpaw is seen battle training with Cinderpelt.
  • They head back to camp and a patrol made up of Firestar, Dustpelt, and Sorreltail come back saying WindClan had been stealing prey.
  • Firestar calls a meeting to discuss WindClan.
    • They begin talking about prey and Leafpaw suggests all the Clans share the fish in RiverClan's river.
  • After the meeting, Firestar asks Leafpaw how she came up with the fish idea and Leafpaw admits Mothwing taught her how to fish.
    • Firestar tells her that she cannot break rules whenever they feel like.
    • Cinderpelt sticks up for Leafpaw and Firestar allows her to come to WindClan at the medicine cat's request.
  • They go to WindClan territory where Tallstar is ready and asks what he wants this time.

  • Stormfur's perspective.
  • The Clan cats meet the Tribe cats.
    • The Tribe seems to take an interest in Stormfur over the other cats.
  • Stoneteller, Crag Where Eagles Nest, Mist Where Sunlight Shimmers, Star That Shines On Water and the Clan cats talk about Clan and Tribe differences.
  • Brambleclaw tells Stoneteller, Crag, Mist, and Star about their journey.
  • The Clan cats notice that the Tribe seems afraid of something.

  • Leafpaw's perspective.
  • ThunderClan and WindClan argue about stolen prey.
    • Mudclaw challenges them, and Graystripe attacks him.
    • Firestar stops them, and is forced to put Graystripe down for disobeying his orders.
  • Firestar warns WindClan to stop stealing prey, and they leave.
  • Dustpelt disagrees with Firestar's decision to not attack WindClan.
  • Leafpaw prepares to tell Cinderpelt about Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw, but Cinderpelt wonders if StarClan has abandoned them and Leafpaw feels she can't.

  • Stormfur's perspective.
  • The Clan cats discuss whether to stay with the Tribe or leave.
    • Squirrelpaw points out that the Tribe cats didn't look like they would let them leave.
  • They agree to stay, mostly because Tawnypelt's shoulder is badly injured.
  • Brook and a few prey-hunters take the Clan cats out to hunt in seperate patrols.
    • Crag shows Stormfur what cave-guards do by saving Stormfur from being attacked by a hawk.

  • Stormfur's perspective.
  • After four days with the Tribe, Stormfur has become close to Brook.
    • He catches a glimpse of a mountain lion on the way back to the cave.
  • The Clan cats decide to leave, but the Tribe stops them.
  • Stoneteller tells them that Stormfur cannot leave because he has been prophecized to slay Sharptooth, a vicious mountain lion.
  • The Tribe holds Stormfur now as a prisoner.

  • Leafpaw's perspective.
  • The medicine cats journey to Mothermouth.
  • Barkface reveals that Twolegs have been poisoning the rabbits, and many WindClan cats have died from it
  • Leafpaw meets Spottedleaf, and learns that Squirrelpaw and the journeying cats are far away from the forest, and that StarClan cannot see them.

  • Feathertail's perspective.
  • The Clan cats protest when the cave-guards insist that Stormfur must stay with them.
    • They discuss how to rescue Stormfur, but can not come to a decision.
  • The next morning, Crag and two other cave-guards escort the Clan cats to the edge of their territory, but without Stormfur.
  • While they hunt, Crowpaw asks Feathertail if she would see him again when the Clan cats come home.
  • The Clan cats go back to the cave to try and rescue Stormfur.
    • They see Sharptooth for the first time, slinking into the cave.

  • Feathertail's perspective.
  • Brambleclaw orders them into the cave, to get Stormfur out in the commotion.
  • They sneak in, attack the guards to the Cave of Pointed Stones, and Feathertail and Tawnypelt rush in.
  • Stoneteller darts past them with Stormfur behind him, yowling out to the Tribe of Endless Hunting.
    • Feathertail tells Stormfur to follow and not stop for anything.
  • The Clan cats get out as Sharptooth leaves with Star in his jaws.
  • They quickly leave the cave behind, as the Tribe is too terror-stricken to do anything.

  • Leafpaw's perspective.
  • Cinderpelt reports the rabbit disease to Firestar, and he decides that ThunderClan will have to stop eating rabbits.
    • Leafpaw begins pushing a rabbit from the fresh-kill pile out of the camp.
  • Dappletail walks by, and when she hears the rabbit cannot be eaten, she is outraged and begins gulping down huge mouthfuls. Firestar pushes her gently away.
  • Cinderpelt and Leafpaw go out to find herbs. Leafpaw catches a vole, and gives it to her mentor.
  • Spiderpaw appears with the report that Dappletail has fallen ill, and Cinderpelt hurries back to help.
  • Leafpaw continues looking until she hears a shrill wail from the river. She hurries over as Mistyfoot appears and drags a small black apprentice out of the river.
    • Leafpaw comes over to help as Mothwing and Hawkfrost appear. Mothwing is panic-stricken and doesn't know what to do.
  • Guided by Spottedleaf, Leafpaw administers the proper care to Reedpaw and he eventually is able to stand and go back to RiverClan with Mistyfoot's help.
  • Mothwing feels dejected by her failure to help, and thinks the Clan will never respect her now. Leafpaw tries in vain to cheer her up, and she walks away.
  • As Leafpaw returns to camp, Cinderpelt appears and tells her Dappletail is dead, and that Cloudtail and Brightheart had disappeared.

  • Stormfur's perspective.
  • Brambleclaw has lost the way in the dark and rain, and he turns over the leadership to Stormfur, who knew the territory better.
  • He speaks to Feathertail as they go, about he felt betrayed by the Tribe, and she comforts him.
  • He catches a hawk and they all eat as it begins to rain. Brambleclaw suggests they find shelter.
  • They come upon an old rabbit burrow, and Tawnypelt investigates it.
  • She pronounces it safe, and they all enter.
  • Stormfur scents Tribe scent, just as a voice from the shadows says, "And who might you be?"

  • Leafpaw's perspective.
  • She participates in the vigil for Dappletail.
  • The Clan discusses what could have happened to Cloudtail and Brightheart.
  • Whitepaw begs Firestar to let her search for her parents on her own, but he gently refuses to let her go.
  • Leafpaw hears a wail from the nursery; Dustpelt staggers out and falls to the ground.
    • Firestar and Leafpaw rush over; Dustpelt tells them Larchkit had died.

  • Stormfur's perspective.
  • The Clan cats find three exiled Tribe cats living in the cave, Talon of Swooping Eagle, Rock Beneath Still Water, and Bird That Rides the Wind.
  • They allow the Clan cats to stay with them and begin telling them what happened to the Tribe cats.
    • Six cats had been ordered by Stoneteller to kill Sharptooth and not return until he was dead. Only three of those six survived.
  • They find out that Talon is Brook's older brother.
  • The Clan cats go out hunting when the rain subsides.
    • Stormfur hunts with Squirrelpaw and realizes his feelings towards her have changed since he met Brook.
  • When they return, the Clan cats tell the Tribe cats about their own journey.
    • Stormfur begins to think that he was the silver cat.
  • He has a dream that Silverstream comes to him.
    • She tells him that a question can have many answers.
  • He wakes up and knows that he must return to the Tribe.
    • All of the cats decide to return with him.
      • Squirrelpaw tells them that if they can't kill Sharptooth themselves, something else would.

  • Leafpaw's perspective.
  • She and Sorreltail run into RiverClan territory, having seen a Twoleg monster nearby.
  • Sorreltail starts to hunt when things calm down, forgetting they were trespassing on RiverClan territory.
    • Hawkfrost finds them and pins Sorreltail to the ground.

  • Leafpaw's perspective.
  • Leafpaw tries to persuade Hawkfrost to let Sorreltail go, but he doesn't listen.
  • Hawkfrost nearly takes her to Leopardstar, but Mothwing appears.
    • Mothwing argues with her brother about letting Sorreltail go, and they mention that Mistyfoot had disappeared.
  • Mothwing finally persuades her brother to release Sorreltail by telling him how they can make ThunderClan grateful to RiverClan as they get weaker.
    • Leafpaw and Sorreltail start to leave; Leafpaw hurt because of Mothwing's sudden coldness, but Mothwing calls out to her.
    • She explains she had to say that, or Hawkfrost wouldn't have let Sorreltail go. Leafpaw is relieved.
  • Leafpaw asks if Tigerstar was her father.
    • After a moments pause, Mothwing says yes.

  • Stormfur's perspective.
  • Stormfur and the others return to the Tribe of Rushing Water.
    • Stoneteller greets them coldly and states that they have lost two cats, and may lose two more.
  • The Clan cats state that they have all come back to help.
    • The Tribe relaxes some, and Stoneteller allows them to help the Tribe at Brook's urging.
  • Squirrelpaw shows them their plan.
    • They will stuff a hare with deathberries and let Sharptooth eat the prey.
  • Talon, Rock, and Bird suddenly arrive back at the cave.
    • The Tribe accuses them of disobeying Stoneteller and failing their mission.
      • Talon tells Stoneteller that killing him now would not help defeat Sharptooth, and that he wishes to help.
  • To bring Sharptooth to the cave, Talon slices open his paw to start a trail of blood.
    • He runs from the cave with his two companions.
  • Squirrelpaw and Stormfur begin stuffing the hare while the Tribe prepares for Sharptoooth's arrival.
  • Talon and the others return suddenly, saying that Sharptooth is coming.

  • Stormfur's perspective.
  • The cats desperately try to hide as Sharptooth bursts into the cave.
    • Squirrelpaw reveals herself to the mountain lion to distract him.
  • Sharptooth then goes after Crowpaw, who couldn't find a safe enough hiding space in time.
  • Feathertail tells Stormfur she can hear the voices and says this was for her to do.
    • She flings herself to the roof of the cave and sends rock pikes down on Sharptooth.
  • One of them hits the mountain lion in the throat, killing him.
  • Feathertail falls along with the rock, hitting the cave floor.
    • Crowpaw and Stormfur rush over to her in time to hear her last words to Crowpaw, "I saved you once... Don't make me save you again".
  • The Tribe celebrates the death of Sharptooth, while the Clan cats mourn Feathertail's.
  • Stormfur looks over at the waterfall and for a moment sees two silver cats, watching over them.

  • Leafpaw's perspective.
  • She awakes from a dream in which Spottedleaf tells her StarClan can do little about what is happening.
  • Mousefur and Graystripe return from a patrol, having just been attacked Twolegs.
  • Cinderpelt shows Leafpaw how to correct Mousefur's dislocated leg.
  • Leafpaw and Sorreltail go out to survey how close the Twolegs are coming.
    • Leafpaw goes into a small Twoleg box, tempted by the smell of food coming from it.
    • Suddenly, there are voices all around telling her to get out, and the opening to the box suddenly shuts.

  • Squirrelpaw has a strange dream of being in a small, dark space that rocks back and forth.
  • She thinks about Feathertail with the rest of her companions.
  • The remaining questing cats spot Highstones and know they're close to home.
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