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"My Clanmates honor me, and I would be willing to be their leader."
— Mossfire in Code of the Clans, page 88
Current: ShadowClan[1]
Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Killed by Jumpfoot[2]
Warrior: Mossfire[1]
Sister: Flowerstar
Book Appearances
Living: Code of the Clans

Mossfire is a tortoiseshell[1] she-cat.[3]


In the Field Guide Arc

Code of the Clans

Mossfire is an ancient ShadowClan warrior.
Mossfire is first seen comforting Flowerstem, when ShadowClan's deputy, Brightwhisker, dies. Brightwhisker was going to be Clan leader, but had died of greencough before she could get her nine lives or appoint a new deputy.
Jumpfoot volunteers to be the new Clan leader, but the queens nominate Mossfire instead, because she would be less likely to take their kits into battle. Mossfire stands alongside Jumpfoot and dips her head to Redscar, saying that her Clanmates have honored her, and she would be proud to serve as their leader. Jumpfoot hisses that not every cat wants her to be leader, and that no one wants a Clan full of cowards, too afraid to defend their borders. Mossfire snarls back that she isn't a coward for not rushing into battle, and that she could fight just as well as he could. Flowerstem lets out a yowl of protest, saying that is no way to choose a leader, but Jumpfoot says that they should fight, and whoever StarClan favors will be the new Clan leader.
The two cats begin to circle each other, unsheathing their claws. On her first try, Mossfire misses Jumpfoot, but on her second try, she scores a long set of scratches across his flank. Jumpfoot fights back again. Soon, Mossfire gasps in pain, and the sound of ripping fur follows this as she fought back. Jumpfoot falls to the ground, and then Mossfire also collapses. Both cats begin to die, lying near each other, from blows struck too close and too hard. Three elders begin to edge toward their bodies, to rearrange them and prepare them for their vigil. The two cats soon die of their injuries. Redscar appoints Flowerstem as the leader - saying she watched her sister die right in front of her and she cared for her Clan afterwards, still having the shocking scene in her mind. Flowerstem agrees, saying she would become leader in Mossfire's memory as well as Jumpfoot's.
This event leads to a rule in the warrior code: When a deputy dies or retires, the Clan leader must choose the new deputy before moonhigh.




Flowerstar:[1] Deceased, Verified StarClan member


"But... she never chose a deputy! Who will be our leader now?"
—Mossfire after Brightwhisker passes away Code of the Clans, page 87

"We think Mossfire should be leader. Jumpfoot is too quick to go to battle. We want peace for our kits."
—A ShadowClan queen Code of the Clans, page 88

Jumpfoot: "Not all of them want you. Who'd want a Clan full of cowards, too frightened to defend their borders?"
Mossfire: "Not rushing into every battle doesn't make me a coward. I can fight as well as you any day."
—Jumpfoot protesting against Mossfire becoming leader Code of the Clans, page 88

"Mossfire! No!"
—Flowerstem when Mossfire dies Code of the Clans, page 89

"To honor Mossfire's memory and Jumpfoot's, yes, I will."
—Flowerstem agreeing to become leader after her sister's death Code of the Clans, page 92

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