"Nettle was the closest the rogues had to a medicine cat. But the brown tabby only knew a few herbs. He'd tried them all on the sick cats, but nothing had made them better."
— Narrator about Nettle in Thunder and Shadow, page 205

Nettle is a brown tabby tom[4] with long, spiky fur.[1]


In the A Vision of Shadows

Thunder and Shadow

When Violetkit has to take a message to Darktail's rogues alone, after finding them the rogue leader guesses that she is hungry and tired, and he calls into the shadows to Nettle. The brown tabby pads out with a rabbit hanging from his jaws, and Silt follows with a squirrel. The cats eat the food but end up falling asleep, and when Violetkit wakes at dawn and alerts Darktail about her need to get back to her camp, he notes that it must be that the fine prey that Nettle and Silt caught for them made them sleepier than expected.
Moons later, after several young ShadowClan cats have joined Darktail's group, upon Rain's return to camp he asks Roach how the ill Silt and Beenose are. Nettle, looking worried, noses his way out of the rowan bush where the sick cats are sheltering, and he answers that they are worse. The tabby explains that Beenose keeps coughing and that Silt's fever is rising. Violetkit reflects on how Nettle is the closest thing that the rogues had to a medicine cat, but that he still knows only a few herbs, and although he tried all of them on the sick cats, nothing had made them better.
That night, after Rain and Darktail has a fight which results in the former being half-blinded, Violetpaw hears the gray tom's moans as she tries to sleep, and she recalls how Nettle had been racing in and out of the camp all evening with herbs. Now, the brown tom crouches outside the patch of long grass where Rain and Needletail huddle together, but his eyes slowly close as sleep overwhelms him. Violetpaw decides to leave the rogues' group, and as she heads towards the camp exit, she pauses beside Nettle, who is now gently snoring, and strains to see past him through the grass.

Shattered Sky

Nettle fights in the battle for RiverClan's territory, and Violetpaw sees him and Roach close together, dealing vicious blows to some RiverClan cats that attack them.
Later on, Zelda comments that she doesn't like fish very much, Loki points out that some of the rogues really seemed to like fish, and he'd seen both Roach and Nettle fighting over one the previous day. She finishes that the rogues all left the bones and scraps scattered around the camp.
After Darktail forces a confession from Needletail for giving herbs away to Mothwing and Alderheart, he calls to Nettle and Roach to take her to the prisoners' den until she earns the right to be called Kin again. Darktail beckons with his tail to the rogues, who are squabbling over a fish, and they grab her by the shoulders, hauling her over to the thicket where the RiverClan prisoners are.
When a ThunderClan patrol returns to their camp, they explain that they had been attacked by Darktail's rogues. Rosepetal mentions that one of the rogues who she had thought was Nettle had yowled at the patrol after they had driven the Clan cats off, claiming that the Kin are coming for ThunderClan next and it was only a matter of time.
While attempting to rescue Ratscar and Oakfur from the Kin, Both Nettle and Cloverfoot are hunting, crouched low on a narrow strip of pebbles that seperate the lake from the forest, focused on a prey hole. Ratscar growls that they look like they're hunting, and Lionblaze and Sparkpelt comment that they could be there all night waiting for prey.
Violetpaw leads her hunting patrol back into the Kin's camp, and Loki, Scorchfur, and Nettle all drop their contributions onto the fresh-kill pile after her, grab some food for themselves, and then pad off elsewhere to eat. He ends up bathing in a patch of sunlight with Roach and Raven afterwards. Once Violetpaw has put poppy seeds in the prey of Darktail and his closest Kin cats, Darktail calls him, Roach, and Raven over to him and Violetpaw so they can all eat together, and they pad over to the leader.
Nettle and Zelda are the cats guarding the RiverClan prisoners and Needletail when Darktail approaches, having found out Violetpaw's plan to put poppy seeds in the prey of his closest cats. They both straighten up and look more alert as the rogue leader comes over to them. Not long after, during another of the Clans' attempt to finally drive out the rogues once and for all, Alderheart spots Nettle and some of the other closest Kin cats in the fray, bewildered as to why they are still awake. Though the battle begins to wane as the Kin are slowly overwhelmed and outnumbered, Sleekwhisker, Roach, and Nettle still fight furiously against their attackers, until Darktail suddenly reappears and manages to call a retreat with his Kin fleeing after the white tom. After the battle, Reedwhisker explains to Bramblestar that Zelda and Nettle had been on guard when the fighting broke out, and Zelda had joined the Clan cats in the fight.
Again attempting off drive off the Kin, Hawkwing and Harespring attempt to help the WindClan leader in the fight, but Nettle appears and forces himself inbetween them. His claws are unsheathed as he aims a blow against Harespring until Hawkwing defends the WindClan tom, furiously slashing his claws across the face of the rogue. Nettle screeches in alarm and backs off from the onslaught.
He participates in the final clash of the Clans and the Kin. As the plan of SkyClan begins to work, Nettle wrenches himself away from his scuffle with Tigerheart and flees up the slope, yowling. Before he can reach the brambles, Hawkwing leaps out of the tree he is hiding in and lands in front of the rogue, causing the brown tabby to let out a screech of shock and fear as he attempts to escape. Hawkwing is too fast for Nettle and lands squarely on his back, his claws digging into Nettle's shoulders.

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