Chapter Number: 2 (of 29)
Page Numbers: 22-29
Point of View: Lionpaw
Preceded: Chapter 1
Next: Chapter 3

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Chapter Number: 2 (of 29)
Page Numbers: 22-29

Chapter Summary

Lionpaw's PoV

Lionpaw emerges from a patch of long grass. He is on the dawn patrol, with Ashfur and Berrynose ahead of him, discussing something quietly. Berrynose turns and warns Lionpaw to keep up and avoid traps. Lionpaw mutters for him to do so himself. It is noted that Berrynose was acting like a mentor after being a warrior for such a short time, and Lionpaw thinks that he won't do as he says. He falls behind on purpose and spots the entrance to the tunnels, where he used to meet Heatherpaw. He enters it for a moment before Berrynose calls him out. He asks him what he thinks he is doing, to which Lionpaw snaps for him not to order him around. An argument ensues for a moment until Ashfur stops it. The two feuding cats then follow him to continue the patrol.
Lionpaw is battle training with Poppypaw when he sees Tigerstar and silently thanks him. When he defeats Poppypaw, Ashfur congratulates him, though he doesn't seem to be very happy about it. Lionpaw wonders what he is doing wrong. Thornclaw asks where he learned the move he used to beat his opponent, and Lionpaw lies that he made it up. It is noted that Tigerstar and Hawkfrost visit him often, training him. Poppypaw asks him to teach the move to her, and he does.
Lionpaw is helping to repair the elders' den. Foxkit and Icekit leap onto the other end of the bramble he is dragging, squealing that ShadowClan is invading. When Whitewing and Cloudtail are alarmed, Lionpaw mews that they are bothering everyone. The two kits proceed to help. However, when they near the den, the two rush over to Mousefur and Longtail, begging to hear a story. Mousefur tells Longtail to do it, as she wants to sleep. He then tells the kits about Tigerstar. Lionpaw listens to the story, and believes Tigerstar to no longer be ambitious now. After deciding that Tigerstar only wants to help him become a better warrior, he leaves camp to get more brambles.





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