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Emblem-Project This is a Project, a collaboration area and open group of editors dedicated to improving Warriors Wiki's coverage of a particular topic, or to organizing some internal Warriors Wiki process.
For more information on Projects, please see the Community Portal.
Project Members
Leader: Beebs
Deputy: Skye
Sr Warriors: Breezeheart, Burntclaw, Jayfrost, Sorrel, and Tiger
Warriors: Berry, Bramblesnow, Diablo, Ferk, Feather, Frosty, Iciloo, Giaria, Hawkmask, Maanhart, Scarlet, Shinx, Shoon, Skt, Stealthfire star, Sziri, The Fox Girl, & Vixen
Apprentices: Brambleshade, Darkfire~Aidan, Icebreeze, Lilacfoot, Raven, Blitz, Sunjaw, Snowsplash, Storm, & VibrantPassion
Kits: Brightpatch, FlamePainter, Firetail, Jinxiy, Shadowstarz, Sunstream, & Warriorcatfan237
To join the project place a request to join on the talk page.
Project Tag


One of these should be added to the tag in place of the **.
- {{Grade0}} - Planned. Marks those articles that are bare-bones stubs.
- {{Grade1}} - Started. An artist has volunteered to undertake this character image.
- {{Grade2}} - Bronze. Image is in place but has not been officially accepted by the project.
- {{Grade3}} - Silver. The image has officially been accepted by the project.
- {{Grade4}} - Gold. These articles have been voted into silver status, AND been a Feature Article for reasons OTHER than Content Drive.
Grade Scale Help & Project Tag Page

Project News

Skye is in charge of keeping the recent news up-to-date. If you have anything you want to add, leave them a message on his talk page with the heading "News Report".


  • March 4
  • February 27
    • Tigerbird is now a senior warrior! Be sure to congratulate her!
    • Breezeheart and Burntclaw also have senior warrior nominations! Be sure to vote on those as well if you have not already!
  • October 26
    • Jayfrost is now a senior warrior! Be sure to congratulate her!
  • October 20
    • Shinx is now a senior warrior! Be sure to congratulate her!

News Archives


Offer Character Art

To offer up character art, simply add a new section to the Talk Page with the image you have made using one of the above pixel blanks (which has been Uploaded to the Wiki). Png file types are preferable, with transparent backgrounds. Please make sure to comply with the Naming Conventions.

Progress & Directions

Apprentice Tutorials
Basic Guidelines
Characters Needing Art
Membership Nominations
Mentor Program
Tweak Nominations

Mentor Program

For more information on how to become a mentor or how to apply for one, look here.

Mentor Program Used Apprentice Apprentice
Breezeheart GIMP Giaria 1
Duck Pixlr, Paint, Sumopaint, Paint.NET, GIMP None 1
Fernflight GIMP, paint.NET, Pixlr .Cloudwhisker 2
Hawkmask121 GIMP, Photoshop CS3 ~Breezeheart~ 1
Rocket GIMP Stealthfire 1
Pikachushinx GIMP, Pixlr .Amber 1 Events

Only mentors are allowed to host events. Please make sure all times are in UTC. For more guidelines, go here and to download click here.

Host Subject Date Start Time End Time Program(s) Link


Project Userboxes

Code Result Users
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a member}}
Userbox-Charart This user a member of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a Kit}}
Userbox-Charart This user a Kit of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|an Apprentice}}
Userbox-Charart This user an Apprentice of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a Warrior}}
Userbox-Charart This user a Warrior of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a Senior Warrior}}
Userbox-Charart This user a Senior Warrior of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|the Deputy}}
Userbox-Charart This user the Deputy of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|the Leader}}
Userbox-Charart This user the Leader of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a Mentor}}
Userbox-Charart This user a Mentor of
Project Character Art.

Current Projects

Only WARRIORS AND ABOVE are allowed to tweak or redo images

A maximum of one character/rank can be claimed by any one kit or apprentice at any one time, and a maximum of two character/rank can be claimed by any one warrior at any one time; that must include any images up for approval at the time. However, only one of those reservations is permitted to be original art. These may only be up for 1 week. No characters are permitted to be claimed for ranks that we do not have blanks for. (These will be removed from the page) Please use the system of abbreviations listed below when reserving your images. This is to prevent discrepancies with reservations, and to confirm that you are in fact reserving a rank we have a citation for.

Leader= (L), Deputy= (D), Medicine Cat= (MC), Medicine Cat Apprentice= (MCA), Warrior= (W), Apprentice= (A), Kit= (K) or (Ki), Elder= (E), Queen= (Q) Loner= (Lo), Rogue= (R) or (Ro), Prey Hunter= (PH), Cave Guard= (CG), Healer= (H), Kittypet= (KP), Sharpclaw= (SC), Softpaw= (SP), StarClan= (Star), Ancient Tribe= (Ancient)

Please use Ctrl + F and type which character you want to do in the search box that appears to make sure no one has already listed the character on this page. Thank you

Please remember to only add the dates you reserve images for original art, and not those being tweaked and/or redone.

User Name

Original Tweak Tweak Date Added
Aero None None None N/A
Amber None None None N/A
Atelda None None None N/A
Bbun Birchkit (ki)


None April 26th
Berry None None None N/A
Blitz Owl Eyes (Ro) None None April 9th
Bluestar11796 Midgepelt  (W) None None 4/16/15
Brambleshade Sorrelstripe (App) None None April 20th
Silver Sparrow Fur (Ro) None None March 27th
Breezeheart Puddlekit (K) None None 4/24/15
Burntclaw Millie (E) Lilyheart (K) Pigeonpaw (A) April 17th
Cloud None None None N/A
Diablo Birch (Ro) None None April 25
Darkfire Curlfeather (W) None None April 18
Eos None None None N/A
Ferk None None None N/A
Fez Sneezecloud (W) None None 24th April 2015
Flame Slatekit (Ki) None None 25th April 2015
Foxy Morning Whisker (Star) None Ottersplash (W) 2015 April 21
Frosty Cricket (Ki) Stonefur (Ki) None April 18th
Giaria None None None N/A
Hawky Featherpelt (W) None None April 18
Icebreeze Cloverfoot (W) None None April 20th
Iciloo None None None N/A
Jayfrost Lionkit (TAQ) (K) Broken Shadow (Ancient) None April 26th
Latte Sorrelstripe (K) None None April 25th
Lilac None None None N/A
Maanhart Jaywing (W) None None 19th April
Pinely None None None N/A
Raven None None None N/A
Robin None None None N/A
Scarletwind Frecklewish (Star) Broken Shadow (SC) Broken Shadow (Q) April 27th
Shimmer None None None N/A
Shoon Smokekit (Ki) None None April 10th
Shinx Mosspelt (E) None None April 24th
Skye Berryheart (W) Creekfeather (W) Creekfeather (A) April 25th
Snowsplash Rippletail (W) None None 21 Apr 2015
Sorrel Thistle (Ki) None None April 26th
Stealthfire Heathertail (Q) Stonefur (D) Rockshade (Ki) April 19th
Storm Sorrelstripe (W) None None April 18th
Sziri Podlight(Kit) None None April 27
Trolly Perchpaw (MV) (A) None None 24th april
Tiger Clover (AFD) (Ki) Featherpelt (App) None 4/12
XXSunstreamXx Slightfoot (W) None None April 14
Sunjaw Dewnose (W) None None April 22
Vixen None None None N/A


Contributions licensed as CC-BY-SA. More F

Pixel Blanks

Make sure to right-click the image thumbnails and select 'Open Link' to get the full-sized versions!
Please do not make pixels if a base is not yet available for that rank.

These blanks and all images made with them are for Warriors Wiki only. Please do not use them on any other site. Thank you.

Approved Files

See the list of approved files.

Vacation List

If you will be away from the project for a period of 6 days or longer then please place your signature below. Once you return, make sure you cross out your username with <s> </s>.

An event in my family... happened. I don't want to talk about it, but it's getting me really distracted and I'm still shaken from it, especially since it caused my near-lack of sleep. I can still get on the chat, but in PCA, I might be more distracted and lazier. --~Skiddley Riddley ♫ ♪ 00:14, February 21, 2015 (UTC)

Adjusting to my new job so I might not be as active until I figure out how to work it into my schedule. I will also be gone for a whole month, December 27th through January 23rd. I'll be in Florida getting a tan while it's snowing up here=D. I will have my iPod and my kindle fire so I can still chat, but images are most likely out of the question for that month. just letting you all know ahead of time.  Frosty ☾Supernatural 21:50, November 12, 2014 (UTC)

Got to do a lot of work for a few weeks so expect a decrease of activity (some days none at all depending on how much work I get). Thought I might tell ya'll all incase you thought I be runnin' away. Best of luck to ya'll. キノ尺尺乇レ í'm nσt rαndσm, чσu just cαn't thínk αs fαst αs mє 23:50, November 12, 2014 (UTC)

Gonna call an official MIA until mid-December when I can get my laptop looked at when I go home for winter break ~~~~

I will be away the whole weekend (13th and 14th December) and I'm not sure when I will come back on the wiki next week because of school, but it won't be for too long I think. Maanhart Be special  14:29, December 12, 2014 (UTC) 

I'm going on vacation from the 14th of December to the 31st. Tiger Sunny days 19:12, December 13, 2014 (UTC)

My computer has been acting up and I have been having trouble getting on the wiki, plus I have a project I need to be focused on working on, so expect less activity from me. Brick The Bite of '87 17:09, December 18, 2014 (UTC)

I'm putting this down a few days in advance so I don't forget lol. I'm not gonna be active during the Christmas holiday/break (the 24th-2nd of Jan.) since I'll be in a different state during that time. Vixy Memento Mori... 15:07, December 19, 2014 (UTC)

Activity is going to be very spotty as I'm (finally) transferring to a laptop, and I need to get it set up, download my art programs and etc. I will still have access to my dork desktop computer so I can attempt to work on Sparrow, but I think my mum is selling it, so I don't have to put up with its wheezy sounds, so yep. I don't know how long it will take seeing as I have had no experience with laptops, but hopefully it won't take that long. Amber The One and Only10:16 Wed Dec 24 

Hey, um, I'm going to St. Augustine, Florida, and I won't return until the 29th of December (Monday), so I won't be able to do any work on this project and I won't be able to work on Dustpelt's kit image. So, I'll try reups tonight, and see if I can make it. Firetail :D Sharks are OSM

Exams are coming up and I need to study, so I'll be gone for about two weeks. My activity may be spotty if I get a chance to access the wiki, so until February the 14th don't count on me fr being active. Hawky Like Fish In a Barrel17:03 Sat Jan 31

Mom is taking away the internet :P ~☾BrambleYou only live once.☽ Feb 14, 2015 11:38 (UTC)</s>

Hey gonna be gone April 25th - May 3rd in Florida again ^.^ . I can still be contacted as I will have my kindle fire and ipod with me.  Frosty ☾Supernatural 18:27, April 7, 2015 (UTC)

Holiday from tomorrow to 12th May. I'll have my laptop so I'll still be around but activity will slow. Stealthf🔥re ❤Warriors Forever!❤ 04:10, April 22, 2015 (UTC)

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