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Pikepaw (BotC)
Pikepaw (BotC).apprentice
Current: RiverClan[1]
Apprentice: Pikepaw[1]
Book Appearances
Living: Battles of the Clans

Pikepaw is a large dark gray tom[1] with green eyes.[2]


In the Field Guide Arc

Battles of the Clans

Pikepaw, along with Duckpaw, Tanglepaw, and Rushpaw, appears in a training session with RiverClan's leader, Mistystar. She teaches them battle tactics and how to use the water as a strength. He quiets Rushpaw, telling her that if she makes a fuss, every cat will hear them, giving away their location. Once he is in the water, he cannot swim very well, and sinks until just his nose is above the water. Mistystar hopes that Pikepaw could tell where he was going. Rushpaw lets out a whisper of droplets when leaving the water, and Mistystar notes that it was fine, since a border patrol would pay no attention to that. Pikepaw curls his lip in protest when Rushpaw does not exit the water silently.
When Mistystar leaves them behind so they can practice ambushing an enemy, he suggests that Rushpaw stay behind in case Mistystar comes back to the place; he only does this because he is afraid that Rushpaw will mess the ambush up. He follows Tanglepaw closely through the water and is the second to emerge onto the bank with him.

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