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Chapter Summary

Pinepaw's PoV

Nettlebreeze, a warrior of ThunderClan, is telling a group of apprentices a tale of Mapleshade's revenge. Specifically, the tale of how the rogue she-cat killed Frecklewish. Pinepaw shivers; he's heard this story many times, yet all the apprentices still wanted to hear it. Daisypaw begs to hear what happens next, and it is noted that she is temporarily excused from training due to being bitten. Nettlebreeze carries on with his story, crouching low, fur spiking along his spine. He mentions that Mapleshade had found Frecklewish, all alone, and forced her into a pile of stones, where an adder bit her, and he screws up his eyes. The ginger tom says Bloomheart found her, and his voice grows husky from grief, but it had been too late, for Ravenwing had died. The ginger she-cat died when the venom gripped her from the inside, but he says that it must've been a sign of mercy from StarClan, for she'd have been driven mad if she lived.
Nettlebreeze declares if Mapleshade isn't in the Place of No Stars, there was no justice, and the apprentices echo his words. Fallowsong emerges into the den, ordering the warrior not to scare the young cats, and Littlepaw protests. The brown she-cat tips her head, telling the black and white tom her nest was on the other side of the wall, so she heard Nettlebreeze.
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