This page documents a Chatban Appeal
This appeal was made by Leafwing.


Date of Chatban: October 27 2011
Reason for Chatban: Advertising, Disruptive Behaviour
Comments (Optional): I have learned from this AWFUL experience to never break the rules (Chatroom AND Official rules) again. I want to help others from my experience and urge them to do the same. :D


Issuer of Chatban: Cloudskye


Chatban Reviewed by: Kitsufox

Due to the fact that Cloudy is indisposed, and her original ban lists a relatively minor crime (advertisement) this appeal is being approved. Sorry for the wait, things got nuts for me Starting with Thanksgiving and whatnot. I am, however, going to point out the NOT Policy. You have a very high percentage of edits that are considered non-contributive (about 80% of your edits are to talk and user namespaces!). This can get you completely evicted from the wiki if you continue that way. Please make an effort to become a true editor and contributor of this wiki.

 Kitsufox  Den/CoSC 13:05, January 8, 2012 (UTC)