This page documents a Chatban Appeal
This appeal was made by Willowbreeze32300.


Date of Chatban: April 15,2012
Reason for Chatban: giving attitude and asking personal questions
Comments (Optional): I never meant to give any attitude, I was just extremly upset, and I aked another induvidual how their day has been and they snapped at me.The chatmod called me in for a personal chat and they gave me a warning and I took the warnings, but I also told the chatmod that everyone was yelling at me for making the littlest of mistakes then they banned me.


Issuer of Chatban: Cloudskye


Chatban Reviewed by: Cloudskye

Appeal declined. As said in the rules, you must wait one week before filing an appeal, and you were only banned a few hours ago. You also have no contributions to the mainspace, and your only edit being to fill this appeal out. In order for you ban to be lifted, you need to start contributing to the mainspace.

Also, I feel the need to address this now. My asking you to stay out of my business was not directed at you asking me how my day was. It was actually directed at the comment before that. Jayce ( 17:38,4/15/2012 )

Willow, if you feel your ban was unfair, I invite you to talk to one of the sysops; Kitsufox, Atelda, or Moonflight. Jayce ( 17:48,4/15/2012 )

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