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Kickbans used to be required to be manually removed. In accordance, users who met the following chriteria could file an appeal to have that chatban lifted once they had served the required setnences.

Appeal Rules

Rules for filing an appeal are as follows:

  • If you were chatbanned after 6 May 2012 you may not use the appeals system.
    Your ban will require in the proper ammount of time automatically. If you feel you did not deserve you ban, please consult the next bullet point for the aproriate path to take to have the situation examined by an impartial party.
  • Users may not file appeals if they feel they have been wrongly chatbanned.
    If you feel you have been wrongly chatbanned, please post on the Reporting Center - Other Issues page under a new heading in the style of "Chatban Review - Username" and include all of the assorted details that you feel prove you were wrongly banned.
  • Non-contributive users need not apply.
    If you have not made a reasonable ammount of contributions in the past month your appeal is not valid. This means at least 2+ contributive edits a week with the number of non-contributive edits not exceeding the number of contributive ones.

File an Appeal

Appeals are no longer accepted through this system. See above. All of the bans from the "before times" have resolved themselves, and in accordance, this system is no longer required to manage bans.

Appeal Lists

Open Appeals
Approved Appeals
Declined Appeals

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