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Your Strengths:
  • I tend to try my best in avoiding worthless arguing and drama. If the need arose, I'd calmly try to address the situation unless things get majorly out of hand.
  • I was normally very active in PCA, (due to issues concerning my computer, I have no access to my program anymore), so when I can, i try to make comtributive edits to it's pages and character articles.
  • I know the policies by heart.
  • I've been on the wiki since 2013.
  • I was a lead in a project for quite some time.
  • I have little to no tolerance to vandalism or personal attacks.
Your Weaknesses:
  • I tend to become some what inactive due to schoolwork, but I check the wiki every day regardless if I make an edit or not, just to see how things are going.
  • I am very short tempered.
  • What I say sometimes comes off as a bit blunt, though I am working to improve that.
  • considering time restrictions, I can't really edit the main space as much as I'd wish to.
  • I admit, when I first joined the wiki I was banned for a short time. I was young and foolish, and I can honestly say I'm ashamed to look back at it now.


Hi, my name is Breeze and I've been on Warriors wiki as an editor since 2013. (Almost three years once 2016 hits) I know the rules and policies by heart, and I would try my absolute best to enforce them without coming off as hostile. I've lurked in the edit histories of old nominations to get a feel of what I needed to improve, and I admit I could still improve on certain aspects.

Ive been in a few disagreements and pity arguments in the past, and I'm sad to say I let my temper get the best of me. I'm trying my hardest to curb it as best as I can, and hopefully I will try to keep a calm, collective additude while dealing with situations.

I was a lead in Project charart for quite some time, so I know my way of enforcing the rules and having at least a little bit of leadership qualities. Even though I have stepped down from my position since then, I do not require computer access to efficiently do my duty.

Due to school and time restraints, there are times I go without making an edit to the wiki for a few days. Now, this is fault on my part considering I'm overly tired once I get home and finish all of my classwork, while taking on babysitting and pet sitting jobs to earn money. I can guarantee once break comes around, and even on the weekends, you will be seeing me alot more frequently. In the little spare time I have, I try to edit character pages to the best of my ability, although I wish to make it more of a daily thing.

My attitude has gotten the best if me in the past, and I know full well I deserved the consequences back then. I'm very short tempered, so once someone pushes me beyond my breaking point I just went off. Nowadays, I can say I've improved on this aspect at some quantity, while I'm striving to improve even more from my fellow users. If I had these rights, I would earnestly try my best to make this wiki the best and safest place it can be.

In conclusion, you can clearly tell this wiki has taken up a great portion of my life and I do not regret a second of it. I have met such nice people here that I wouldn't have even known of otherwise, and this place has honestly helped me mature over the past years. This wiki means a lot to me, and I would like to continue serving this wiki at a higher step.

My second will be Brambleshade.


Breezy is an extrodinary user with an amazing talent. She has contributed to the Warriors Wiki since 2013, and has made more than 2,500 edits. She lives on to make every user equally happy like everyone else and spreads joy around the community. Sometimes she will help prjects need like PC. Breezy may not have joined any other project, but she trys to do her best. She is very extrodinary, as said as before, and is very much ready to be admin.

Yes, she can have a little snap temper, but people can get like that sometimes when people over do it. She feels everyone needs to be treated equally and if someone is being nasty to another user, she will kindly step in and ask what's wrong. If she stepps into a fight and is in the middle of it, she trys her best to reason and get out of it, like every other user should do if they are in the middle of a fight.

Finally, I believe that Breezy very much deserves this to how much effort she put into this wiki to make it grow, aswell as other users who helped her on her long journey. She has been very truthful and honest aswell as sticking to her ideas and how they could either improve or unimrove the wiki. She loves this wiki and would do a lot more to contribute to help other users if she were an Admin, I give her all the luck she deserves <3 bramble//may –––love paint every afternoon 01:52, September 18, 2015 (UTC)

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Vote-nay I'm so sorry, but I have to vote no on this. While you're a good person, I feel that automatically jumping to adminship without going for chat moderator and/or rollback, but especially rollback, doesn't sit well with me. While you're an amazing person, I have yet to see your ability and usage with the rollback and chat moderator tools, and both of them should be mastered first before leaping up to the rights on the tier above them. Jayce ( 08:34, 9/18/2015 )


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