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Your Strengths:
  • I'm adapt in the usage of wikicoding, and fairly confident in my skills. I'm usually helping newer users with basic coding problems they may face, and if I can't help, I always direct them to someone that can.
  • I'm always online, and patrolling both the chat room, as well as the activity feed, and revert vandalism whenever I see it.
  • I am a lead in three content projects; I'm been leader of Books for over a year, deputy of Charart since March, and a senior warrior in Characters since May. All three are projects I am heavily active in.
  • I contribute to all parts of the wiki, from project pages, to mainspace articles, and I have over 27,000 total edits, gained over a period of almost three and a half years. During this time, I'm made countless friends, and come up with multiple ideas for the wiki, the most recent being the Chapter Subpages for Project:Books, and it was warmly welcomed by all.
  • I am fair and as of recently, I try and stay out of arguments unless my opinion is needed. When I voice my opinion, I am strong-willed and determined, although I know when to back out of an argument that I know will be better off without my input.
  • I'm extremely nice, and I never act rudely towards any member. I believe that you should treat everyone with kindness, although you should give respect in order to give it.
  • I assume good faith with every user, and follow the polices of the wiki, and I played a major part in the formation of the rules for the chat room.
  • I am already adept with the tools that come along with having administrative rights, having been an admin on another wiki for almost two years running. I know the tools, and could only do better with those rights.
Your Weaknesses:
  • I am stubborn, and I can often let my emotions get the better of me, which leads to heated arguments.
  • My attitude often comes off as blunt and rude to newer members of the Wiki, but this is a habit I am trying hard to fix.
  • I can get sidetracked very easily, and I often forget things that I start. But, if I'm reminded of them, I will fix whatever's asked of me.
  • I let my personal emotions get in the way of what's best for the wiki, although this is another thing that I'm learning to cast aside.


Well, this is the second time I've filed out a Request for Adminship, and I'm hoping that this time will end differently than the last. I love this wiki, I honestly do. If I were to be given admin rights, I would only use them for good. Right now, our sole active admin, Atelda, does more than her fair share of work. I think she deserves to have help, and I feel that I'm qualified for the job. I'm always online, as my fellow editors who frequent the chat room would know, and I've been a member for almost three and a half years, so I've seen many users come and go during my time.
Yes, I've had problems with other users in the past that have hindered my ability to see clearly in the past, but, I've since then improved greatly, and now I finally realize that the welfare of the wiki is more important than my own personal viewpoint on things. I know now that how I see things may not be how everyone else sees them, and I've learned to work with those users whose opinions might not be the same as my own.
I've been a loyal member of WWiki's staff for over a year now, and my hard work and dedication has been recognized on the Wikia-wide level as well. I was a featured Wikian back in May, and I am also a member of Community Council, as well as a member of the up-and-coming Wikia Stars program, so I know how important it is to work well with other users. As a member of Council and Stars, I spend my time talking with members from all over Wikia; not just here. When I am here, however, I'm always in the chat, socializing with other users, and getting to know them better.
I've been here since May of 2009, and I have friends both in the older generation of editors, and the newer. While I consider myself part of the old generation, I strive to get to know those of the newer, and try and see things how they do. I have over 27,000 total edits, and an extremely vast majority of them are to the contributive namespaces, whether they be in the mainspace, or the project namespace. I try my best to better the wiki, and with admin rights (while I realize that I do not need them to stay an editor on the wiki) I feel that I could only help improve the wiki. We need another admin, and I would be honored if you guys considered me as that user.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it. Jayce ( 21:37, 9/22/2012 )

My second will be Ducksplash.


Wow, where do I start? Cloudskye is an active, expierenced, dedicated, mature, and modest user. Everyday you see her editing mainspace, being a faithful, loyal, leader of PB, she workd tirelessly for the betterment of the art on every characters' pages as deputy of PCA, nominating and always expanding PC articles to their fullest extent, and finally she is always reverting vandalism. She said in her weaknesses that she is stubborn, well to tell you the truth, I think that every administrator needs to be a little bit stubborn. We don't want a sysop that changes his/her mind every time a new fad comes along, because where would the wiki and all wikis be in we didn't have strong staff members?
Lets start with the projects. In PB, she is active, and faithful. Granted PB's not the largest project, but has that stopped Cloudskye from being a loyal, active leader? No. In PCA she has created, tweaked, and redone countless chararts that bring a ray of sunshine onto every page, besides making charart, she activly participates and comments in discussions. Finally, in PC, she has nominated over thirty articles for silver, participates in discussions, puts up votes, and archives old discussions. I think being active in projects is a very imprtant part of being an administrator/sysop, so other users can see how how handle and react to things.
She is always active in the wiki activity feed. Every day when I log in, I see her name in some part of it, whether reverting vandalism, working for the projects, or just editing the make the pages a more comprehensive guide to everything in the Warriors series. If she sees vandalism, she reverts it, just like that, often when I go to undo a vandal's edit she has gotten there first. When I look to see what she is editing on pages, I usually see her expanding with large pieces on information.
When is Cloudy in chat? The proper question is When is Cloudy not in chat. She is always on. She gives users warnings if they break the rules, opens discussions on topics, and just has a funny nature that brings light to the chatroom, whenever she talks.
To summarize everything I've said, I think Cloudskye would be a wonderful sysop of Warriors Wiki. She is active in every aspect of the wiki, and she in a nice user, who explains everything throughly, and I haven't even touched on her editcount in this, which would probably take another quite lengthy paragraph from me. I support Cloudskye 110%. =) -Ducksauce 22:18, September 22, 2012 (UTC)

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