The next step of the nomination process involves a person who has agreed to be the 'Second' for the Nominee making a speech of their own.

How to Second

Add the following form to the bottom of the nomination page and fill it out with your own speech.
Replace the word TODAY with the date of your seconding.
Replace the word ONEWEEKAWAY with the date one week from the current date.
== Seconding ==
<!-- Write out your "Speech" outlining why you feel the Nominee should be considered for Adminship. -->
<!-- Remember to sign the nomination with ~~~~ -->

== Sysop Vote ==

Once the seconding text is added to the nomination, the nomination should be removed from the list below of Nominations Awaiting Seconding, and the code following bit of code should be added to the Pending Nominations page, in the Sysop Votes section.

Make sure to replace the word 'USERNAME' with the Username of the Nominee and fill in the date with the current date.

=== [[Policy:RfA/Nomination-USERNAME|Nomination]] for [[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]] ===
:'''Date''': DD MONTH YEAR

Nominations Awaiting Seconding

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