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The following is a list of requirements a user must meet to be eligible to be nominated into the RfR process.



At least six months of membership to the wiki, during which a user can be made familiar with most aspects the art of Wikicode and the ways of the Warriors Wiki, is required for eligibility for nomination.


A member being nominated should have an edit history that indicates activity for at least the previous month. Members with longer edit histories are more likely to be taken seriously.
The edits of a member should be of quality. Members who are rolled back frequently when editing should attend to this issue prior to nominating themselves.
At least fifty percent (50%) of all of a users edits should lie within contributive namespaces or be of a contributive nature (Contibutive namespaces include Main, Warriors Wiki, Help, and Template). Your current status can be learned via Special:Editcount.


The behavior of a user wishing to nominate themselves must comply with Warriors Wiki Policy.

Flexibility of Requirements

Requirements can be waives for users who shine in some way. Waiver of requirements can be done during the nomination process by the nominee, or their second. This is done by putting forth the reason why that requirements should be waived for that user.

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