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Your Strengths:
  1. I combat vandalism on a frequent basis
  2. I'm a lead in PCA, so I have some leadership experience.
  3. I think I am a fair individual and consider all sides of the situation
  4. I am very active on the Wiki, and it is a rare occurrence when I'm not on here for a day. I'm on at most hours and late at night when others have went to bed.
  5. I am friendly and very kind. I like to politely remind people who are breaking rules, but I am stern when need be.
  6. I'm very intelligent.
  7. I'm a very honest person
  8. I'm a perfectionist, which could be considered both a strength and a weakness.
Your Weaknesses:
  1. I am prone to being jealous at times and it impairs my judgement, but I have gotten much better at it even over the months I've been on the Wiki.
  2. I tend to be scatterbrained and forgetful at times.
  3. I do have a temper, but usually when I become angry, I try stepping away from the computer and cooling down.


Ever since I have joined this Wiki, all I've ever wanted to do is help WW out and make it the best Wiki it can possibly be. I am constantly reverting vandalism whenever I see it, but I try assuming good faith and checking to see if their edit is good or bad. I'm good natured, patient, and kind, and I feel that these traits help me in making good faith decisions. I feel that I am "third line defense" when it comes to vandals, because whenever Shelly or Cloudy don't undo a bad edit, I am usually the one to catch it. I want to continue to be an asset to this wiki and I always strive to do my best in whatever it is I do, whether it's an edit to the PCA page, scolding a user who is breaking the rules, or making an edit to a page. I'm also a lead in PCA and I know how to deal with people's ups and downs and how to deal with users who don't follow the rules or don't know. I plan to stay on this Wiki for years to come. I know that my nomination may not pass, but I'd be humbled just for your consideration and time to read this, and I just want to try helping the Wiki as best as I can, and I feel this would help me do this.

My second will be Wildheart.


Ivystripe is a very active, hard-working, and patient user. I know her through PCA and through chats on MSN, and from my interactions and observations of her, I know her to be a good member of the wiki. Her lead position in PCA has illustrated the responsibility and authority she holds among other members of the wiki.

She has the patience of a saint, and the temperament of one, too. It takes a lot to rile her, and she always perseveres throughout a bad situation. Her even-temperedness is a trait that any lead must carry, and she carries it well. She is always quick to revert a bad edit, but she isn't rash in the slightest.

Although I'm not the most eloquent at describing how truly great Ivy is, I will always vouch for her steadfast, responsible, patient, and determined nature. I'm honoured to be her second, and I hope all sysops understand (if not through my words, then through my conviction) how much Ivy deserves this position. llwildheartl21:37 Sat Dec 17

Sysop votes

Dont-vote  Kitsufox  Den/CoSC 20:34, December 19, 2011 (UTC) I feel like I haven't seen Ivy's work or activities enough to be able to cast my lot in either direction. Sorry.


Due to the fact that this applicant has been made to wait 10 days since the last sysop vote was filed this vote is declared closed. Ivystripe will not become a Rollback due to the only filed vote being an "Abstain".  Kitsufox  Den/CoSC 16:45, December 30, 2011 (UTC)