This page contains an Request for Rollback by Snowdapple.
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Your Strengths:
  • I'm good at combatting vandalism.
  • I'm good with wiki code, and know how to code if anything goes wrong on any templates.
  • I'm pretty good with the spoiler policy, and know how to implement it.
  • I'm active about 90% of the week.
Your Weaknesses:
  • There have been instances in the past in which I disappeared from the Wiki for an amount of time to deal with issues, but I will most likely put it on the vacation list from now on.
  • I used to edit war constantly back before I returned.


Hello, my name is Snowdapple. I've been on the Wiki for technically almost a year now. I joined back in July of 2015, but really had been lurking for a few years, and immediately started with joining Project Charart and helping with edits. There was an instance about 7 months ago in which I disappeared for almost 5 months due to some real life issues that I had to take care of, but that's all in the past now and I've vowed to become a better person than that of which I used to be.

I've recently begun taking it upon myself to learn HTML coding, and how to code. I've been helping alot with the family tree templates (although those are pretty easy to learn if you have the right base template), and I've recently created the new charcat template, due to community consensus.

Usually when I see a bad edit, I immediately revert it and try to explain why it was reverted, due to it being bad cites, no cites, someone adding trivia without cites, or someone just trying to add their fanfiction OC stats into the trivia. I help a lot with redirects and categories, as I know (just recently, though) how those work correctly.

Like I said before, I know there have been instances in the past on which I got off on the wrong foot with a lot of the users on here, and I would like to say now that I deeply and sincerely apologize for my behavior. It was drastically uncalled for, and again - like I said - I've vowed to become a better person for the better of both myself, and the people around me.

In closure, I believe that I would be a good rollback for the Wiki, and hope that most of you think the same. :)

My second will be MistyFowl.


Though Winter has been here for only roughly a year, I have no doubt that Winter will make a wonderful rollbacker – and while it’s true she has had a couple of hiccups in her activity, she has worked tirelessly ever since she came back from her hiatus. She has been reverting vandalism, editing character pages, staying active on PCA, and even slightly modified our current character template. She is patient but firm with newer users when undoing their edits, showing that she has the capability to be a good leader – or in this case, rollbacker.

She has also been very active, as seen from her contributions. She has a large amount of main space edits (50%), and much of the rest are devoted to projects. She has been here a decent amount of time, and I trust that she’ll contribute even more as a rollback.

I truly do believe that Winter will be a good rollbacker. She has her flaws, but I believe that she’ll be able to learn and improve over time; becoming a rollback will definitely contribute to the process, and I also know she would use her powers fairly, if granted. Good luck ^^ ✺Misty~ R u n W i l d W i t h M e F o r e v e r~ 06:20, 11/11/2016

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