This page documents an Official Policy on Warriors Wiki.
This page was approved via contributer consensus. All edits must be discussed on the talk page prior to a Sysop making changes.
This policy in a Nutshell
  • Establish the purpose of the Role Play Namespace.
  • Outline the requirements for Articles stored in the Role Play Namespace.
  • Guidelines for the basic rules for Role Play Namespace Deletions.

The role play namespace was created here on Warriors Wiki to give a place for Fanon Warriors information to be stored with no ability for confusion on the part of users. This namespace isn't searched unless it is specifically set up to be searched by the person using the search in the Advanced Search options. The reduced confusion and increased organization make the Namespace a meaningful addition to the Wiki.

Purpose of Namespace

Game Pages

Role Play, one of the major draws of the Warriors Online Phenomenon, is characterized by a multitude of independently rune Role Playing Games (RPGs). The Role Play Namespace will store listings about games that are maintained by players from those games.

Role Play Information

Tips, tricks and other Role Playing information can be made available on the Role Play Namespace.


Site Requirements

  1. Role Playing Game articles will be named using the following convention:
    • Role Play:Site-GAMENAME
      • GAMENAME is to be replaced with the name of the RPG in question.
  2. At least one member of staff be a Warriors Wiki contribute who's made Mainspace edits of note.
  3. Link to Game Website to verify existence of game Off-wiki.
  4. Proper listing of Game Information
    • Game Categories must be selected
    • Game Staff must be listed
      • Link all Staffers who are also editors on the wiki.
  5. Proper description of Game's Current Plot
    • Must include an Update date (Must never get more than 6 weeks out of date)
  6. Link to any characters from the game that are also on the Wiki.
  7. Template identifying it as an RP Site must be used.


There are times when it is appropriate to delete a page. Below are the basic Guidelines that will be used to delete Role Play Pages. Please bear in mind that this list is not all inclusive.


Speedy Deletions are those done without a Deletion Discussion.
  • Game pages by Anons
  • Character pages by Anons


A standard deletion is a deletion decided on via a Deletion Discussion.
  • Games without up to date plot information
  • Games incomplete for 1 week or more without progress.
  • Games that in any way discourage or interfere with Contributors' Abilities to user the Role Play Namespace here.

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