This page documents an Official Policy on Warriors Wiki.
This page was approved via contributer consensus. All edits must be discussed on the talk page prior to a Sysop making changes.
This policy in a Nutshell

Individuals found to be violation of various things outlined in the Warriors Wiki is NOT Policy will be addressed on a case by case basis by the Sysops. In many cases the personal judgment of the Sysops will be employed to give each user the best chance for a positive resolution of the issue.


  1. Essays posted to the main Namespace that fulfill the Essay Policy will be moved into appropriate User Namespace locations.
  2. Essays that do not fulfill the Essay Policy will be subject to the AfD Process.

Forum Use

Individuals here for just the forums will be permitted to stay on the grounds that they participate in some way in the betterment of the Wiki (Leading high intelligent discussions, participating in debate related to policy building, or helping preform research for the primary article space). Those using the Forum area as a vehicle for pure conversation should be asked to take such activities to an appropriate Fansite.
Any user refusing to take their chatter activity to an appropriate fansite will be subject to banning at the discretion of the Sysops.

Personal Website, Blog, Etc.

Users on this wiki solely to take advantage of storage space and easy website creation will never be tolerated. They will receive a formal Cease and Desist order when more than half of their edits are off the Mainspace, Template Space, or other Constructive area of the Wiki. (At the discretion of the Sysops edit percentage may be bypassed in cases where edits to the constructive areas are being done as a pretense and contain no viable contribution)
Users who fail to correct their ways will be subject to bans of lengths to be determined by their current level of non-contributing edits.

Common Sense & Sysop Rolls

Sysops are expected to make a number of judgment calls by this guideline. In accordance, Sysops are to acquit themselves in accordance with that authority, and via a public channel. Any time a ban is made in accordance with this policy it should be explained via the Discussion Area Forum so that the deciding Sysop is not only accountable for their actions, but can be made to defend them if the populace of this Wiki is in doubt of the appropriateness of the Sysop's behavior.


Areas of the Wiki you edit on fall into one of three classes. Contributive Namespaces are those considered to be contributing to the Wiki directly. Non-Contributive Namespaces are those considered to be NOT contributing. Variable namespaces are those that can be swung in either direction and Sysops are able to call either contributive or non-contributive, each has a "typical" default listed after the entry.


Project Talk
Media Wiki
Media Wiki Talk
Template Talk
Help Talk
Category Talk


Forum Talk
User blog
User blog comment
Video Talk


User (Non-Contributive)
User Talk (Non-Contributive)
Forum (Non-Contributive)
File (Contributive)
File Talk (Contributive)
Blog (Non-Contributive)
Blog Talk (Non-Contributive)

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