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Chapter Summary

Ravenpaw's PoV

Ravenpaw opens his eyes to find that he is beside a starry pool in StarClan. He drinks the water from the pool. Silverstream appears, and invites him to sit with her, and Ravenpaw does. He is slightly bothered by an ache in his stomach. Silverstream watches him, concerned, and he jokes that he's getting old. Then when Silverstream keeps watching him, Ravenpaw feels a chill run through his pelt and asks her if he would ever see his home again. Silverstream admits that he won't, but she says that he shouldn't be afraid of dying somewhere else. Ravenpaw expresses his fears for Barley, and Silverstream assures him that Barley understands that he does not wish to leave him, and will not love Ravenpaw less if they cannot be together.
Then, two more cats appear, and Silverstream leaves. One of the cats, a dark gray tom, introduces himself as Skywatcher, explaining that he was the last of the SkyClan warriors before Firestar and Sandstorm came and restored the Clan. He promises Ravenpaw that Bella and Riley have a place in SkyClan.
The other cat introduces himself as Cloudstar, the SkyClan leader when the cats came to the gorge. Ravenpaw dips his head, saying that he is honored to meet them both. Cloudstar says that he made the same journey as Firestar and Sandstorm, and is grateful to Ravenpaw for bringing new warriors into the Clan. Ravenpaw exclaims that SkyClan didn't seem to want the two cats he brought, stating that Leafstar did not allow them over the border. Cloudstar says he needs to give SkyClan a chance to see what Riley and Bella can bring to them, insisting that SkyClan needs their help. Ravenpaw lashes his tail, saying that SkyClan has strong warriors, and asking what they could do that SkyClan could not.
Skywatcher pads to the pool's edge and throws in a stone, which lands with a splash and sends ripples all over the pool. Skywatcher orders Ravenpaw to look, stating that the stone reaches further than he might expect. Ravenpaw watches the waves and pictured SkyClan. scared and waiting in the gorge for the kittypets' invasion. He nods. Cloudstar puts his muzzle onto Ravenpaw's head and murmurs to him to please help them in the name of the Clans and the Code. Ravenpaw promises that he will.
Ravenpaw wakes from his dream when dawn arrives, and he nudges Barley awake. Bella asks if it is time to go home, and Riley yawns. Ravenpaw announces that they would not go home, they had to return to SkyClan. Barley stops stretching himself and exclaims that the Clan would not even let them across their borders. His eyes narrow and he tells Ravenpaw that he needs rest. Ravenpaw tells him that he will be okay, and told them about the dream he had.
Riley bounds to the entrance of the cave, saying that the kittypets need to respect SkyClan. Ravenpaw feels pride towards Riley being so loyal to a Clan that had been unkind to him. Bella nods, agreeing, saying that if there is anything they could do, then they have to go back. Barley sighs, saying that he is outnumbered, and brushes his tail along Ravenpaw's spine, insisting that if Ravenpaw feels like he has to stop to rest. he should tell him. Ravenpaw agrees. Then he leads them back up the stream, pausing among the trees to hunt. Barley makes Ravenpaw rest on some moss while he and the others catches a pigeon. When they had eaten and cleaned themselves, they continue.  Ravenpaw sees the brown boulder hanging over the stream clearly in the daylight.
They had hardly passed the holly bush when a few SkyClan cats run toward them. Plumwillow growls and says that they should stay away. Bouncefire tells them to get out of there. Echosong springs from a path and blocks Bouncefire and Plumwillow, saying that Ravenpaw and the others mean no harm. Bouncefire mutters that they didn't know it, but stays where he is.
Echosong comes up to them and introduces herself as SkyClan's medicine cat, saying that Leafstar told her about them. Ravenpaw says that he needs to see Leafstar, adding that it is important. Echosong watches him for a moment then says that he should follow her. As they pass Plumwillow and Bouncefire Bouncefire hisses. Echosong turns to the travelers and apologizes, saying that there wasn't enough room in Leafstar's den for them all, only Ravenpaw should go. She asks if the others would mind waiting there. Barley watches the warriors who begin coming out of the dens and Echosong promises that they would be safe, saying that Hawkpaw will look after them.
Hawkpaw promises that he would. Echosong thanks him,and says he should let her know if Ebonyclaw comes and needs him to do anything else. She explains to Ravenpaw that Ebonyclaw is a daylight warrior, so she is not yet there. Ravenpaw remarks that Hawkpaw seems committed and Echosong says that he is. She states that he is committed as long as he is kept away from Billystorm's apprentice, Pebblepaw, because the two don't get along. Barley, Riley and Bella were left and Ravenpaw and Echosong pad to a ledge where three cats were sitting. Leafstar welcomes him.
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