These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Return to the Clans that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading.

Chapter 1

  • Sasha gives birth to her kits, Moth, Hawk, and Tadpole.
  • Sasha hides them in a cave near the ShadowClan border.
    • She vows to make sure Tigerstar isn't a part of their lives.
    • She is weak, but towards the end of leaf-bare, she gets her strength back.
  • A ShadowClan patrol challenges her.
    • One of the cats smells milk on her, and says she must have kits nearby.
    • Sasha doesn't want her kits to become ShadowClan warriors, so she tells them the kits died in leaf-bare.
  • Russetfur lets them go.
  • The kits are out of the den for the first time.
  • Sasha tells them a story about her adventures and her housefolk.
  • Russetfur comes to find them, and asks if they are Tigerstar's.
    • Sasha says yes, and tells Russetfur not to tell him.
  • Sasha finds out that Tigerstar died in a fight with BloodClan from Scourge.
  • Russetfur warns them not to stay long, and Sasha says that as soon as the kits are strong, they'll leave.
  • They take out her kittypet collar one day, and Sasha sternly tells them not to again.
  • The three kits notice how sad their mother is (after they take out her old kittypet collar) about Ken and they decide to go find him.

Chapter 2

  • They run near Twolegplace and see monsters, bicycles, and other things.
  • The three kits run into Shnuky, Sasha's childhood friend.
  • They consult each other, and strut away, saying they know exactly where they're going.
  • Sasha comes back from hunting and notices her kits are gone.
  • She tracks them to Twolegplace, and meets Shnuky.
  • Shnuky offers to help find the kits.
  • The three kits meet a BloodClan patrol and escape.
  • Dogs start chasing them.
  • They run into an abandoned Twoleg nest.
  • They try to catch a mouse, and fail. Then they realize they are locked inside.
  • Sasha and Shnuky run into the same BloodClan patrol and threatens them to tell her where the kits went.
  • The BloodClan cats think she is from the forest, and point toward the Twoleg house.
  • The house floods, and Sasha finds her kits.
  • Tadpole helps the others up, but he is left to drown.
  • The remaining go back to the den, and Sasha meets Tigerstar in a dream.
  • Tigerstar says that Tadpole is not with him, but he is safe.

Chapter 3

  • Sasha gets depressed over Tadpole's death and later finds Pine.
  • Pine offers to take them to a "better place to live" and that "the cats there are friendly".
  • The kits say they are strong enough to go, and they start the journey.
  • On the way, Sasha sees RiverClan, and thinks it's a beautiful place.
  • Pine introduces them to the cats there and leaves.
  • One of the queens is hostile and tells her kits to hurt Moth and Hawk.
  • Sasha lunges at her, fighting and humiliating her.
  • She then takes her kits away.
  • They go on RiverClan territory, and Sasha starts to tell her kits about Tigerstar.
  • She says that he was a big strong warrior, and very brave.
  • She tells them that they will hear stories about Tigerstar one day, but the kits must not mention him at all
  • A RiverClan patrol arrives, and Sasha offers her kits to them.
  • Leopardstar agrees, and takes them into the Clan.
  • Sasha refuses a warrior name, but Mothpaw and Hawkpaw get their apprentice names.
  • One day, the apprentices see others playing a game of killing Tigerstar.
  • Sasha comforts them, saying that everyone else only saw one side of Tigerstar, and that they must act oblivious to these games.
  • Mothpaw and Hawkpaw then see some bones, and everyone watches, shocked while they play.
  • Leopardstar tells them about Tigerstar and the bones, and Hawkpaw and Mothpaw remain silent throughout the whole thing.
  • Sasha realizes that her place is not with RiverClan and leaves, leaving her kits behind her in RiverClan, promising that they will become great warriors.
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