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"Thank you, river, for all you've done for me. If you help me again, one last time, and get me to the bank, I will stay beside you and praise you all my life."
— River to the river in Thunder Rising: Bonus Scene, page 22
River (Leader)
Current: RiverClan[1]
Past: Rogue,[2] Cats of the Park[source?]
Residence: StarClan[3]
River,[2] River Ripple[4]
River,[1] Riverstar[5]
Book Appearances
Living: Secrets of the Clans, Code of the Clans, Thunder Rising, The Ultimate Guide
Dead: Long Shadows

River,[6] or Riverstar,[5] is a sleek[7] silver-gray tom[5] with rippling stripes, long, glossy fur[8] and bright,[5] wide green eyes.[9]


In the Dawn of the Clans Arc

Thunder Rising

Coming Soon

In the Power of Three Arc

Long Shadows

River meets with Shadow, Thunder, and Wind to discuss the loner, Sol, with the badger that helped saved the Clans from destruction, Midnight. River is described as if he was made of rain. River didn't want to come to the meeting in the first place, asking why they are here. He continues to complain about why they should be the ones to discuss the loner.

In the Field Guide Arc

Secrets of the Clans

He is the founder and the first leader of RiverClan, working with Thunder, Wind, Shadow, and presumably Sky, who is not mentioned, to develop the Warrior Code. It is suggested that he is the cat who thinks up a mentoring program for training the apprentices. He is known to be generous and warm-hearted with his own Clan, but not interested in the other Clans' troubles, even skipping Gatherings when possible.

Code of the Clans

River is mentioned briefly, along with Thunder, Wind, Shadow, and Sky, after the great battle at the dawn of the Clans. The spirits of those killed in the battle compel the remaining cats to be at peace. He, along with the other four new leaders, vow to create their Clans and find ways to stop the fighting.

The Ultimate Guide

Coming Soon


  • In an Erin Hunter Chat, Vicky revealed that Thunder, Shadow, River, Sky, and Wind did not take "-star" on the end of their names, because the tradition had not yet been established in their time.[6]
    • This, however, contridicts information in Secrets of the Clans, which shows the founders of the Clans to have the "-star" suffix.[10]
  • When asked if River would be appearing in any of the new books, Kate Cary stated on her Facebook page that River would appear in book three, and that "he establishes RiverClan's fabulousness from the start."[11]
    • However, it is said that he would first appear in Thunder Rising, and the bonus scene would be about his whereabouts prior to his time in the forest.[12]
  • When he was born at the Park, River was named Ripple for the movement of the river water.[13]
  • He has been shown without stripes.[14]

Character Pixels

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"There are younger cats than us in StarClan. Why bring us back from the very beginning?"
—River at a discussion about Sol Long Shadows, page 2

"The sun and earth have protected me all my life. Just like the river has taken care of me, over and over again. It gave me a soft landing when I fell from the wall. It carried me away from the danger that was destroying the Park. It saved me from those fierce creatures, it fed me, and now it has brought me to what could be a wonderful new home. Maybe it will help me to get to the bank, if I can just trust it."
—River's thoughts on the river Thunder Rising, page 324

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