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Current: WindClan[1]
Past: LionClan (Modern)[2]
Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Killed in the battle with BloodClan[3]
Residence: StarClan[4]
Mentor(s): Tornear[1]
Book Appearances
Living: Fire and Ice, Forest of Secrets, Tigerclaw's Fury, Rising Storm, A Dangerous Path, The Darkest Hour, Firestar's Quest

Runningbrook is a light gray tabby she-cat.[5]


In the Super Edition Arc

Firestar's Quest

Runningbrook does not formally appear in Firestar's Quest, but is listed in the allegiances.

In the The Prophecies Begin Arc

Fire and Ice

Runningpaw does not formally appear in Fire and Ice, but is listed in the allegiances. Her mentor is Tornear.

Forest of Secrets

Runningpaw is on a patrol with Deadfoot when Fireheart and Graystripe return from visiting their old friend, Ravenpaw. She and her Clanmates are alarmed when Fireheart makes the excuse of smelling ShadowClan on WindClan territory and following it, but Graystripe quickly amends, saying that it wasn't fresh enough to worry about. The patrol then heads back to camp, letting the two ThunderClan warriors pass through WindClan territory.

Rising Storm

Runningpaw does not formally appear in Rising Storm, but is listed in the allegiances. She has now earned her warrior name, Runningbrook.

A Dangerous Path

Runningbrook does not formally appear in A Dangerous Path, but is listed in the allegiances.

The Darkest Hour

Runningbrook is seen in the battle where TigerClan raids the WindClan camp, to show them what they would do if they refused to join Tigerstar's clan, even killing her Clanmate Gorsepaw, to prove how far they would go to reach their ambitious desires. She is one of the injured cats in the battle, and is seen lying beside Deadfoot. She is seen with her pale gray fur hanging off her shoulder in multiple clumps.

In the Novellas

Tigerclaw's Fury

Runningbrook does not formally appear in Tigerclaw's Fury, but is listed in the allegiances.


  • Vicky confirmed on her Facebook that Runningbrook died in the battle with BloodClan.[6]
    • However, she is listed in the allegiances of Firestar's Quest.[7]

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