"I found him trying to fight off a fox. It turned tail when it saw me, but Scree was badly wounded. I stayed with him that night and tried to help him, but he died before morning."
Leaf to Firestar, explaining what happened to Scree in Firestar's Quest, page 306
Scree (Ro)
Scree (Ro).rogue
Current: Rogue[1]
Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Wounds[2]
Rogue: Scree[1]

Scree is a tom[2] with speckled gray fur in many different shades, distinctive black markings on his flanks, and orange eyes.[3]


In the Super Edition Arc

Firestar's Quest

He does not formally appear, but Leaf mentions him when she tells Firestar that it is hard for old cats and kits to live alone. She tells a story about Scree, who was an old tom living by a dead willow tree, and that one day she found him trying to fight off a fox. Being old, it was difficult and exhausting for him to fight off the fox, and even though when Leaf appeared the fox ran away, he was badly wounded. Leaf stayed with him that night, and though she put hard effort in to help him, he died before the next morning from his wounds. Leaf realizes that this could happen in a Clan, but no cat fights alone in a Clan.


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