Shattered Sky
Chapter Number: 2 (of 22)
Page Numbers: 17-35
Point of View: Alderheart
Preceded: Chapter 1
Next: Chapter 3

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Chapter Number: 2 (of 22)
Page Numbers: 17-35

Chapter Summary

Alderheart's PoV

The sun is setting as Alderheart lays the last piece of cobweb onto Birchfall's shoulder. He then reassures him that it will heal well and asks him if he wants a poppy seed for pain. Leafpool interrupts Birchfall's response with a no, saying that they need to save the poppy seeds for more serious injuries. Birchfall tells her that it's okay and that it doesn't hurt, then he thanks Alderheart and tells him he'll be fine before padding back out to camp.
Alderheart joins Leafpool by Twigpaw, who is dozing uncomfortably in her nest close to Briarlight. She occasionally lets out murmurs of pain, and Alderheart confesses he is worried about her since her leg is twisted so badly. Leafpool responds that it's not broken, and the stick that is bounded onto her leg will give it some support, and it will just take time. Alderheart responds gloomily, saying it's going to take a few days.
Alderheart is also worried about her other wounds, but he is mostly worried about Twigpaw's heartbroken expression. He remembers her anguish as she told him how Violetpaw had attacked her. He thinks about how terrible it would be if Sparkpelt had turned on him like that, and he remembers that Twigpaw doesn't have any kin besides Violetpaw. Bramblestar interrupts Alderheart's thoughts by poking his head into the medicine den, and saying that they are about to leave for the Gathering. He then adds that he wants at least one medicine cat to come.
Leafpool suggests that Jayfeather and Alderheart should go, and she calls Jayfeather before asking him if he wants to go. Jayfeather emerges from the back of the den and says that he will go as long as Leafpool can cope by herself. Leafpool reminds him that she was coping before he was kitted, and adds that she will check on the injured warriors and keep an eye on Blossomfall since her kits were due any day from now.
Jayfeather agrees, and says that he will like to hear what Onestar has to say for himself. The sun is gone and twilight fills the hollow as the two medicine cats make their way out of the medicine den. The other cats who were assigned to go to the Gathering are also starting to emerge from their dens as well. As Alderheart looks at the cats, he realizes that ThunderClan really was a battered group.
Alderheart spots the Clan's elders making their way over to Bramblestar, but Purdy breaks off from the group and pads over to Alderheart. He confides in a low voice that he has a bit of a bellyache, and he asks if he could have chervil or a juniper berry before they left for the Gathering. Alderheart says he should go see Leafpool, since she is staying behind to keep and eye on the injured warriors and Blossomfall.
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References and Citations

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