"Look! There's Dart.. and Shine..."
Ripple to Arc in Thunder Rising, page 8 (Bonus Scene)

Shine is a cat with an unknown description and gender.


In the Dawn of the Clans Arc

Thunder Rising

Ripple and Arc notice Shine, Flutter, and Dart being taken away in dens of shiny mesh by Twolegs, and Ripple is shocked. Arc shoves Ripple forward, saying there is nothing they can do to help the trapped cats, and the two continue to leave, hearing the mewing and yowling of the cats they left behind.


"There were cats trapped inside, clawing at the mesh and yowling to be let out."
—Narrator about cats trapped inside a mesh Thunder Rising, page 8 (Bonus Scene)

Ripple: "Look! There's Dart.. and Shine... and that's your sister Flutter!"
Arc: "I know. But we can't help them. Keep moving!"
—Arc and Ripple when Twolegs kidnap cats Thunder Rising, page 8 (Bonus Scene)

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