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Chapter Number: 19 (of 22)
Page Numbers: 256-269

Chapter Summary

Jayfeather's PoV

Rock tells Jayfeather he must make Half Moon understand she must lead the ancient cats to become the Tribe. She must become Stoneteller. Jayfeather wants to because he wants to stay in the time period with Half Moon, to become mates and have kits. Rock tells him it is neither one of their destinies. Jayfeather rushes past him not wanting to hear more.
Rising Moon comes up to Jay's Wing to thanks him for his courage. He goes into the main cave to see everyone is excited about winning against the eagle. Half Moon comes up to Jay's Wing asking him if he would come out of the cave to gather herbs. He tells her they must go to the Cave of Pointed Stones first. He explains to her that she must become Stoneteller. She thinks Jay's Wing just does not want to have her kits, but even though he does, she does not understand. She runs out of the cave. Shy Fawn starts having her kits when they get out of the caves. She sees the first one and remarks it looked like Dark Whiskers.
The hunting patrol returns with a snow-hare and a vole. Shy Fawn's fourth kit is almost dead. Jayfeather clears the mucus out of its throat and lick's it's fur in the wrong way. It yowls at Jay's Wing, making his name Lion's Roar.
Half Moon finally believes Jayfeather and decides to call herself the healer. He tells her they will become a tribe. She tells him she'll miss him. He tells her likewise. He murmurs goodbye, to the new Stoneteller.






  • Jay's Wing is mistakenly called Jayfeather.[4]

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