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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 22)
Page Numbers: 1-7

Chapter Summary

Third-person PoV

Stoneteller watches Pine and Lark play around, while they are trying to catch the "eagle". Brook comes over and tries to get Pine to jump high after the feather, because she was going to be a prey-hunter. Lark begins to argue with Pine over who was the prey-hunter and who was the cave-guard. Brook tries to tell them that's not who the Tribe does things, but is cut off by paw steps coming into the cave.
Stormfur comes into the cave with the rest of his patrol. Screech says that all of the mountains should belong to them, after Stormfur says they didn't waste their time patrolling the borders because they were safe and had peace and quiet. Brook starts to worry about her kits, but Stormfur tells everyone the borders were holding, mostly. Stormfur says they should have more patrols, but is cut off at the approach of Stoneteller. Stoneteller tells the Tribe there would be no more patrols, they have enough to eat, and with the thaw approaching, they would have eggs and young birds. Stoneteller walks away with Stormfur's agreement. Stormfur asks how Pine and Lark are doing, and Brook tells them that they don't understand they will have different duties when they become to-bes. Stormfur and Brook go to the fresh-kill pile while the kits pester him with questions.
Bird pads up to Stoneteller, telling him she needed to talk to him. He tells her she already knows what he had to say. He tells her to come anyways, but not to expect different answers. They go into Stoneteller's cave and she tells him he knows he should have chosen his successor long ago. He tells her there is still time. After talking about what the Tribe needs, he gives in and tells her he will look for signs that night. He gets angry and asks the Tribe of Endless Hunting why they had brought them there if they were doomed to fail.





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