"Where do we go now?"
— Silverpaw asking Crookedstar where they should go in Secrets of the Clans, page 46

Silverpaw is a cat with an unknown description and gender.


In The Prophecies Begin Arc

Fire and Ice

Silverpaw does not formally appear in Fire and Ice, but is listed in the allegiances. She is a RiverClan cat, and her mentor is Loudbelly.

Forest of Secrets

Silverpaw does not formally appear in Forest of Secrets, but is listed in the allegiances.

In the Field Guide Arc

Secrets of the Clans

When the RiverClan camp floods, Silverpaw is seen trying to push it back with Shadepaw. Crookedstar, the leader of RiverClan, orders Silverpaw to warn the Clan of the oncoming flood and to get all of the cats out of camp safely. Silverpaw obeys the order and rushes off to help the Clan.

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