Allegiances, as shown in the beginning pages of SkyClan's Destiny. Characters that were excluded from an Allegiances list, but appeared in the book, will be listed following the formal allegiances list.


Leader: Leafstar—brown-and-cream tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Deputy: Sharpclaw—dark ginger tom
Medicine Cat(s): Echosong—silver tabby she-cat with green eyes
Warriors: Patchfoot—black-and-white tom

Petalnose—pale gray she-cat
Apprentice, Sagepaw

Sparrowpelt—dark brown tabby tom

Cherrytail—tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat

Waspwhisker—gray-and-white tom
Apprentice, Mintpaw

Shrewtooth—skinny black tom

Ebonyclaw—striking black she-cat
Apprentice, Frecklepaw

Billystorm—ginger-and-white tom
Apprentice, Snookpaw

Harveymoon—white tom

Macgyver—black-and-white tom

Rockshade—black tom

Bouncefire—ginger tom (Clovertail's son)

Tinycloud—small white she-cat (Clovertail's daughter)
Apprentices: Sagepaw—pale gray tom (son of Petalnose and Rainfur)

Mintpaw—gray tabby she-cat (daughter of Petalnose and Rainfur)

Snookpaw—black-and-white tom

Frecklepaw—mottled light brown tabby she-cat with spotted legs
Queens: Fallowfern—pale brown she-cat (mother to Hunchfoot's* kits: Rabbitkit, Creekkit, Nettlekit, and Plumkit)

Clovertail—light brown she-cat with white belly and legs (expecting Patchfoot's kits)
Elders: Lichenfur—gray mottled she-cat

Tangle—ragged tabby tom loner

*There is a mistake with Hunchfoot, as this was Waspwhisker's original name, but it was not changed in time.

Cats Outside the Clan

Egg—cream-colored tom loner

Hutch—dark brown kittypet (formerly Shortwhisker)

Oscar—black kittypet

Bella—tabby-and-white kittypet with amber eyes

Rose—elegant brown-and-cream Siamese kittypet with slanting blue eyes

Lily—Rose's sister

Stick—brown tom with yellow eyes and a torn ear

Cora—black she-cat

Coal—black tom

Shorty—brown tom with amber eyes and half a tail

Snowy—white she-cat

Percy—dark gray tabby tom

Red—dark ginger she-cat

Dodge—dark brown tabby tom

Skipper—ginger-and-white tom

Harley—gray-and-brown tabby tom

Misha—cream-colored she-cat

Onion—silver-and-black she-cat

Nutmeg—tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat

Velvet—silver kittypet

Ancient SkyClan

Cloudstar—pale gray tom with white patches and very pale blue eyes (leader when SkyClan left the forest)

Buzzardstar—ginger tom with green eyes (deputy when SkyClan left the forest)

Fawnstep—light brown tabby she-cat (medicine cat when SkyClan left the forest)

Birdflight—light brown tabby she-cat with long fluffy fur and amber eyes

Fernpelt—dark brown tabby she-cat

Mousefang—sandy-colored she-cat

Nightfur—black tom

Oakstep—gray tabby tom

Spiderstar—dark tabby tom (last leader of Ancient SkyClan)

Honeyleaf—ginger tabby she-cat (last deputy of Ancient SkyClan)

Brackenheart—brown tabby tom (last medicine cat of Ancient SkyClan)

Swallowflight—black tom

Skywatcher—dark gray tom with pale blue eyes (lived in the gorge before Modern SkyClan was formed)

Rainfur—light gray tom with dark gray flecks (killed in the battle with the rats)

Warriors allegiances
Dawn of the Clans Arc The Sun TrailThunder RisingThe First BattleThe Blazing StarA Forest DividedPath of Stars
The Prophecies Begin Arc Into the WildFire and IceForest of SecretsRising StormA Dangerous PathThe Darkest Hour
New Prophecy Arc MidnightMoonriseDawnStarlightTwilightSunset
Power of Three Arc The SightDark RiverOutcastEclipseLong ShadowsSunrise
Omen of the Stars Arc The Fourth ApprenticeFading EchoesNight WhispersSign of the MoonThe Forgotten WarriorThe Last Hope
A Vision of Shadows Arc The Apprentice's QuestThunder and ShadowShattered SkyDarkest NightRiver of Fire
Super Edition Arc Firestar's QuestBluestar's ProphecySkyClan's DestinyCrookedstar's PromiseYellowfang's SecretTallstar's RevengeBramblestar's StormMoth Flight's VisionHawkwing's JourneyTigerheart's Shadow
Novellas Hollyleaf's StoryMistystar's OmenCloudstar's JourneyLeafpool's WishTigerclaw's FuryDovewing's SilenceMapleshade's VengeanceGoosefeather's CurseRavenpaw's FarewellSpottedleaf's HeartPinestar's ChoiceThunderstar's Echo

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