The Skyrock was a landmark of SkyClan's territory from when they lived in the gorge; it served the same purpose as Fourtrees and the island, but only for the cats of SkyClan.[1] The Skyrock was the place where SkyClan meets every full moon, and to share news with one another. Also, the medicine cat climbed upon it every half moon, making it serve the same purpose of the Moonstone or Moonpool.[2] The leader also used to climb up there for meetings.[3] It was hard to reach, but SkyClan cats could jump onto it. It was used by Ancient SkyClan, and was rediscovered by Skywatcher.[4]


The Skyrock was a part of SkyClan territory.[5] To get to the Skyrock, a cat would need to jump there from a nearby cliff.[6] It can be quite dangerous, as there is a fast flowing river underneath, and there are also many sharp rocks and outcroppings on the way. However, a strong warrior, or an apprentice, could very easily make the jump, also having learned an amazing hunting skill.[7]


In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Apart from being the Gathering place of SkyClan, the Skyrock can also be the site of leaders receiving their nine lives and name, such as Leafstar. Before Firestar and Sandstorm came to the Gorge, Skywatcher would sit there and look at the stars every full moon, in obedience to the part of the warrior code pertaining to Gatherings.
When Firestar and Sandstorm walked around Skyrock, they noticed that it was hard to jump to, but with SkyClan's jumping abilities, the ancient SkyClan would have been able to climb it.
Firestar holds a meeting for SkyClan at the full moon, and introduces Skyrock as the new Gathering place for SkyClan.
Although it was mainly used for SkyClan to gather every full moon, during the battle with the rats, Firestar started to use this as a lookout for the invading rats because it over looked most of the territory surrounding the gorge. Later, Firestar ordered a patrol to keep watch on Skyrock so that the rats wouldn't invade it.
The Skyrock is also referred to as "Sky", reminding the cats of the Clan that they are SkyClan, strong and true, and will never change, no matter where they live. While Firestar and Echosong traveled up to the Skyrock, they found Shortwhisker sleeping on lookout.

SkyClan's Destiny

The Skyrock is used as SkyClan's personal "Gathering". The warriors and apprentices stand on the rock. They tell StarClan about the events that had happened in the Clan since last moon, suggest ideas, and mingle with each other. The leader can also stand on the rock during meetings, and it can be used like the Great Rock.
In SkyClan's Destiny, one of the ideas suggested was a birthing den asked by Clovertail, because the new dens the Clan had just found were perfect for being protected by foxes, but in Leafstar's point of view, she thought Clovertail had only suggested it because Clovertail was afraid her kits would be hurt by Fallowfern's kits, seeing as they were much older and bigger than hers.
It is much like the Highrock in ThunderClan's old camp. The differences are the name, the way to get onto it, and that medicine cats and deputies, for their nine lives, also use it as one of their ways to contact StarClan.

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