"Smoke turned on me then. She told me that she would raise the kit by herself, and teach him to hate the Clans who had rejected him."
Onestar explaining Darktail's origins in Shattered Sky, chapter 19

Smoke is a gray she-cat with soft fur and blue eyes.[1]


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Shattered Sky

Although she doesn't appear, Onestar speaks of Smoke, when he is telling the Clans about his connection to Darktail, revealing his and Smoke's past.
As a warrior, Onestar would go visit kittypets and brag about his Clan life. There was one kittypet named Smoke; a young she-cat with soft, gray fur and brilliant blue eyes like pools of pure water. The two cats became more than friends. Smoke loved Onestar's stories about Clan life and could never get enough of them, and she was really happy being mates with the WindClan warrior. But she only saw him when he went to the Twolegplace as Onestar would never have taken her to WindClan's camp. Everything was good until Smoke revealed she was expecting kits. She went to find Onestar on the moor near the border of WindClan's territory, nearly ready to give birth; Smoke wanted to join WindClan so her kits could become warriors. Smoke didn't realize the harsher side of Clan life, such as starvation, the danger of dogs, and how heartbreaking it was to lose a Clanmate because Onestar always talked as if it was an adventure.
Violetpaw asks Onestar what he said to her, and the leader asks back what he could say before continuing on with his story. Onestar explains that he would have been in terrible trouble for being mates with Smoke, who was a kittypet, and the tom knew that if Tallstar did let her stay she would realize that Onestar was just an ordinary warrior, not the hero he told Smoke he was. He could not bring Smoke to WindClan also because she was very soft and delicate, so she wouldn't have survived a moon in the wild.
Squirrelflight asks Onestar if he sent Smoke home and he confirms he did. Onestar told Smoke to go back to the safety of her Twolegs, declaring their relationship over. Smoke argued for a while, but eventually left. Onestar stayed away from the Twolegplace and Smoke after that, and the WindClan leader mentions he never expected to see Smoke again, but Bramblestar comments that he did.
With bitter regret in his eyes, the WindClan leader confirms he is right, as Smoke came to find Onestar one last time with her and Onestar's kit. She explained that while she was still on her way home after her last meeting with the warrior, she gave birth. She had no help from a cat or a Twoleg, so only one of her kits survived. Smoke went back to her Twolegs again, but only for a little while, and returned to Onestar once her kit was old enough to leave her. She begged him to at least take their kit to WindClan camp, while he was young enough to learn the Clan's ways, but Onestar refused, for the same reason he'd rejected Smoke. Enraged, Smoke turned on him. She told Onestar that she would raise the kit on her own and teach him to hate the Clans that had rejected him.
Bramblestar realizes that Smoke and Onestar's kit is none other than Darktail, asking Onestar this, which Onestar confirms as true. He says that he comforted himself by telling himself he was protecting Smoke and their kit, believing whatever she had said in her anger, he was sure she would take Darktail back to become a kittypet and their lives would be better that way. Mistystar then asks if Darktail knew that Onestar rejected him, and Onestar confirms so, as Darktail was old enough to understand at the time. Onestar finishes his explanation, saying that StarClan knows where Darktail went for so long, and wherever it was, he grew into a bitter and resentful cat, grieving for a father that he never knew and hating a way of life that he even got the chance to understand.


Interesting facts

  • Her eyes are mentioned to be very brilliant and like pools of pure water.[1]
  • Kate thinks that Smoke and Princess never knew each other.[3]

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Onestar (formerly):[4] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Darktail:[2] Deceased, residence unknown


Unnamed kits:[5] Deceased, residence unknown


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Onestar: "There was this one kittypet...a young cat she-cat called Smoke. She had such soft, gray fur, and such brilliant blue was like I was staring into pools of pure water!"
Squirrelflight: "I see."
Onestar: "Smoke and I became...more than friends. She loved to hear my stories of Clan life; she couldn’t get enough of them. She was happy to be my mate, but of course I only ever saw her in the Twolegplace. There was no way I could have brought her into camp. […] Everything was fine, until I found out that Smoke was expecting kits. She came to find me on the moor. Thank StarClan that I was out hunting alone, and I came across her not too far from the border of our territory! Smoke was almost ready to give birth. She told me that she wanted to join WindClan, so that her kits could be brought up as warriors. You see, I’d told her such wonderful tales of Clan life, as if it was all adventure and massive piles of prey. I had not mentioned all the times we nearly starved to death in a harsh leaf-bare, or how often we might get terrorized by dogs or Twolegs...or how heart-breaking it was to lose a Clanmate."
Violetpaw: "What did you say to her?"
Onestar: "What could I say to her? I knew there was no way I could bring a kittypet into WindClan. I would have been in terrible trouble for mating with her in the first place, and even worse, I knew that if Tallstar did let Smoke stay, she would have seen me as I really was. Just an ordinary warrior, not the heroic cat I had made myself out to be. And anyway, Smoke was so soft and delicate…. She would never have survived a moon out on the moor."
Squirrelfight: "So you sent her home?"
Onestar: "I sent her home. I told her to go back to her Twolegs, where she would be safe. Her relationship with me was over. She argued for a while, but at last she left, and I told myself I’d had a lucky escape. I stayed away from the Twolegplace after that, and I never expected to hear from Smoke again."
Bramblestar: "But you did."
Onestar: "Yes, Smoke came to find me one more time. She had a single kit with her, and she told me that after our last meeting, when she was still on her way home, her kits had come. She didn’t have any help—not from a cat, not even from a Twoleg. All but one of her kits—our kits – had died. Smoke went back to her Twolegs, but only for a short time. As soon as her kit was old enough to leave her, she brought him back to me. She begged me to at least take him into camp, while he was still young enough to learn the ways of the Clans. And I...I refused. I was too worried about how I would have to explain to Tallstar. Smoke turned on me then. She told me that she would raise the kit by herself, and teach him to hate the Clans who had rejected him."
Bramblestar: "Wait. This kit—are you saying that he grew up to be Darktail? That Darktail is your son?"
Onestar: "I tried to tell myself that I was protecting Smoke and her kit. I thought that whatever she said when she was angry, she would take him and go back to being a kittypet, and their lives would be better that way."
—Onestar about Smoke Shattered Sky, pages 256-259

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