"Climbing one of the Great Oaks. I won."
— Snaketooth explaining how he broke his leg in Code of the Clans, page 58

Snaketooth is a tom with a dark brown head.[1]


In the Field Guide Arc

Code of the Clans

Snaketooth is an ancient RiverClan warrior under Troutstar's leadership.
He and his friends, Molewhisker, Nettlepad, and Lightningpelt often dare each other to do dangerous things, normally resulting in injuries, such as who can jump over the river or race through the reeds fastest.
Their latest stunt, which was climbing one of the Great Oaks, results in Snaketooth breaking a leg. After Meadowpelt, the medicine cat, treats him, he spends the night in the medicine cat den, and his friends come to visit him. Nettlepad teases him about how gross his leg looks, and when Meadowpelt goes to his nest, the healthy warriors tell him that he must get better by the full moon. They are planning jumping across the gorge next, and if Snaketooth's leg doesn't heal, Nettlepad wins the dare. He falls asleep soon after they tell him their plan and complain about the older warriors not wanting them to have any fun.
When Meadowpelt goes to tell Troutstar that he is going to the Moonstone, Troutstar asks how Snaketooth was. Meadowpelt tells him that even though he has no sense, Snaketooth will live, but he may not be able to hunt and fight again.
Later, he, along with his friends, realize the importance of being warriors thanks to a silent vigil at night, and stop doing the ridiculous things they did before.


Molewhisker: "We wanted to see if he was okay."
Meadowpelt: "That's up to StarClan now. I've done as much as I can. Now go to your own dens and let him sleep."
Snaketooth: "Hey, guys!"
Nettlepad: "How's your leg? It looked really gross!"
—Snaketooth being visited by his friends in the medicine den Code of the Clans, page 59

"Yeah, I dared you, so if you don't do it, I win!"
—Nettlepad reminding Snaketooth about their dare Code of the Clans, page 60

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