"We thought you were our leaders."
— Snipe to Hoot and Jumper in A Clan in Need, page 84
Current: Rogue[1]
Past: BloodClan[1]
Book Appearances
Living: A Clan in Need

Snipe is a large,[2] short-furred black tom with reddish-brown markings, amber eyes[3], a short tail, and a torn ear.[4]


In the Ravenpaw's Path Arc

A Clan in Need

Snipe is a member of BloodClan, formerly one of Scourge's closest guards, and now part of the small group of rogues still together after the battle between the forest Clans and BloodClan. He leads a group of his fellow rogues in attacking and robbing a ThunderClan hunting patrol, and there he recognizes Barley. He calls out to his former compatriot, but is ignored by Barley. When the second ThunderClan patrol comes, Snipe calls for a retreat and the group escapes with the pilfered prey.
Barley, questioned about the rogue's familiarity with him, identifies the rogue leading the thieving patrol as Snipe. He is later seen on guard when Barley, Ravenpaw, and Violet find the place where the rogues live.
After Ice and Snake turn the blame on their followers in an attempt to receive mercy from ThunderClan, Snipe is outraged and leads the rest of the rogues in attacking the two leaders.


"Thanks for catching all this, BlunderClan! We'll take it off your paws now!"
—Snipe after ambushing a ThunderClan patrol A Clan in Need, page 38

"Back! Back now! We got what we came for!"
—Snipe order his ambush patrol to leave after a second ThunderClan patrol arrive A Clan in Need, page 40

"Cats on guard outside... it's him. Snipe."
—Barley about Snipe A Clan in Need, page 61

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