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"This one was hiding in here like a coward. His Clanmates won't thank him for leaving them to face us alone. Shall we teach him a lesson?"
Dawnflower to Pouncetail in Battles of the Clans, page 105
Current: ShadowClan[1]
Warrior: Spiderfoot[1]
Book Appearances
Living: Battles of the Clans

Spiderfoot is a gray tom with black front paws, and pale blue eyes.[1]


In the Field Guide Arc

Battles of the Clans

Spiderfoot is a ShadowClan warrior that fights in the great battle between all four Clans on ThunderClan territory. Attempting to avoid injuries, he tries to bury himself in a corner of the abandoned Twoleg Nest in ThunderClan territory that his patrol fought in to hide himself from the RiverClan patrol that beat the ShadowClan patrol.
Dawnflower insists that they teach him a lesson for being such a coward, and Reedwhisker asks if he should finish him off. Pouncetail, noting his inexperience, orders Spiderfoot to climb up on a piece of sloping wood. Once he is on the wooden beam, Spiderfoot asks with fear if Pouncetail will push him off. However, Pouncetail takes pity on his fear and lets him go with a stern warning, which Blackclaw questions. Pouncetail explains that he didn't push him off because it would be dishonorable to the warrior code, which states that a warrior do not need to kill to achieve victory.


"I walked over to the quivering warrior. He was young, perhaps only a moon or two beyond his apprentice days."
—Pouncetail in narration Battles of the Clans, page 105

Pouncetail: "Stand up. Walk up there."
Blackclaw: "Ah. Going to see if he has wings instead of the courage of a warrior, are you? Good idea."
Spiderfoot: "Are you really going to push me off?"
Pouncetail: "Not this time. Go back to your Clanmates. And warn them not to underestimate RiverClan warriors again."
—Pouncetail letting Spiderfoot leave Battles of the Clans, pages 105-106

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