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"I'll support you."
— Spiderpelt supporting Maplewhisker to become SkyClan's leader in Code of the Clans, page 82
Current: SkyClan[1]
Warrior: Spiderpelt[1]
Book Appearances
Living: Code of the Clans

Spiderpelt is a skinny, silver tom with black tabby stripes and orange eyes.[2]


In the Field Guide Arc

Code of the Clans

Spiderpelt is an ancient SkyClan warrior.
When SkyClan's new leader, Mothpelt, launches an attack on RiverClan while the river is flooded, over half of the SkyClan cats are trapped in the water although Spiderpelt is not one of them. They, along with the rest of the cats who stayed on the bank, witness their Clanmates sink helplessly. Spiderpelt helps Robinwing, a fellow Clanmate, to pull cats from the river by holding onto his tail along with Robinwing's apprentice, Rubblepaw, making a chain of cats. Spiderpelt also offers their support of Maplewhisker's leadership.


"Lead on."
—Spiderpelt encouraging Maplewhisker to lead SkyClan Code of the Clans, page 83

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