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"Cats have survived here for many, many seasons. I couldn't live anywhere else. This is where I belong, between the snow and the sky."
— Splash to Dovewing in Sign of the Moon, page 197
Splash When Fish Leaps
Current: Tribe of Rushing Water[1]
Splash When Fish Leaps[2]
Splash When Fish Leaps[1]
Splash When Fish Leaps[3]
Flight of Startled Heron
Rock Beneath Still Water
Pebble That Rolls Down Mountain
Screech of Angry Owl
Book Appearances
Living: Outcast, Sign of the Moon

Splash When Fish Leaps, more commonly known as Splash, is a small,[4] light brown tabby she-cat[1] with a stubby tail[4] and orange eyes.[2]


In the Power of Three Arc


Splash When Fish Leaps introduces Lionpaw, Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Breezepaw to the other to-bes of the Tribe, Screech and Pebble. She is learning how to become a prey-hunter and hunt for the Tribe. She, the other to-bes, and the apprentices, have small greetings. She doesn't believe being a Clan cat is easy. She shares a piece of prey with the apprentices and her fellow to-bes.
Splash stands by the pool with Screech and another prey-hunter to-be, and gives Hollypaw and Breezepaw hostile looks when Pebble shows them a cave-guard move to use in battle. She thinks she does not need to know how to fight when she hunts. Under the Clan apprentices' direction, she shows them how she would catch a rabbit, leaping on top of Breezepaw. Hollypaw watches approvingly, telling her that this move would be very useful in a battle, and Hollypaw teaches her how to convert the stalk into a battle move. She soon becomes more enthusiastic than hostile about the training. She is chosen to be part of a patrol to go to the intruders' camp to warn them about the boundaries.
When Stoneteller tells the Tribe to choose between staying to fight the intruders, or fleeing to a new home, she quickly chooses to fight with Pebble and goes to the group of cats staying to fight.

In the Omen of the Stars Arc

Sign of the Moon

Splash is now listed as a prey-hunter in the allegiances.
Splash goes on a patrol and she volunteers to help Dovewing out of a gap in the snow when she falls in, so Dovewing grabs Splash's tail while she pulls her out. She tries to catch a vole but misses. She goes to walk beside Dovewing, and Splash often adds something about the Tribe whenever Dovewing compliments something on her own Clan, as if defending the Tribe.
When the intruders fight an eagle, she first thinks that they deserve it when they were in the Tribe's territory, but soon changes her opinion, saying that they can't just watch it tear apart the intruders and that they should help fight it. On Crag's word, she and Swoop take the farthest wing of the eagle, then spring on the wing to try and hold the eagle down between them. When Swoop is about to be carried away, she attempts to make the eagle drop her, failing, and shrieks in anger, blaming Foxleap for Swoop's death. Crag tells her that blaming Foxleap won't help, but she remains angry with him for a while.

Character Pixels

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Flight of Startled Heron:[2] Living (As of Sign of the Moon)


Rock Beneath Still Water:[2] Living (As of Dawn)


Pebble That Rolls Down Mountain:[2] Living (As of Sign of the Moon)


Screech of Angry Owl:[2] Living (As of Sign of the Moon)



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"It can't come naturally to you. Learning all that must be really tough."
—Splash to the Clan apprentices Outcast, page 223

"They haven't got their snow-paws yet."
—Splash When Fish Leaps Sign of the Moon, page 189

Dovewing: "I couldn't leave my home. Not forever."
Splash: "I might have to leave mine."
Dovewing: "You mean if Stoneteller dies without choosing a successor? Can't you just choose one yourselves?"
Splash: "Never! That's for the Tribe of Endless Hunting to decide."
—Dovewing and Splash over moving homes Sign of the Moon, page 198

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