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"I’m sorry, you asked an honest question and it’s only fair I should give you an honest answer without clawing your fur off. The truth is, I love Firestar now as much as I ever did, and I’ll watch over him forever, knowing that he can never be mine. He belongs to Sandstorm and to ThunderClan. But my heart is his, and always will be."
— Spottedleaf in Spottedleaf's Honest Answer

Spottedleaf's Honest Answer
Author: Victoria Holmes[1]
Publish Date: 2008[2]
Type: Short Story
Details: A short story written by Vicky, narrated by Spottedleaf.
Spottedleaf describes her feelings on Firestar and Sandstorm's relationship.

Spottedleaf's Honest Answer is a short story that is narrated by Spottedleaf. She explains how she feels about Firestar and Sandstorm, and their relationship.


She welcomes the reader to StarClan, saying that Whitestorm had said that the reader was looking for her, but assures them that it is not the time for them to stay. She tells the reader to sit down on a patch of moss beneath a willow tree, and starts talking.
She starts with explaining about Firestar's history, but then breaks off when she realizes that the reader already knows all that. She says that she loves Firestar as much as she ever did, and will watch over him forever, knowing that he will never belong to her, but will belong to Sandstorm and ThunderClan. She explains that it wasn't love at first sight. She hadn't noticed him until he asked to care for Yellowfang and saw past the fact that she had been born in ShadowClan.
She says that, after her death, she lay in her den for one moon, hoping that Firepaw would join her. She said that, had she lived, and been cut off from him as a medicine cat, she would have walked with him, as he became a warrior, deputy, and then leader. Instead, she had to watch from far away, and sometimes she was cut off from seeing him. She said that she wanted to wail like an abandoned kit when he told her that he couldn't be in love with a memory anymore. However, she realizes how special Sandstorm is to him, and watches protectively over his kits Squirrelflight and Leafpool, as if they were her own. She promises that she would not relive one heartbeat of her life differently if it meant losing Firestar's friendship.
The story ends with Spottedleaf saying that the shadows are lengthening, and that it is time for the reader to go, asking Cherrypaw to show the reader to the border.

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