"The truth is out now. None of us can hide from it again."
Jayfeather to Crowfeather in Sunrise, page 296
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Chapter Number: 26 (of 28)
Page Numbers: 286-296

Chapter description

Jayfeather, curled up in his nest, hears the sound of pawsteps behind him. He looks up, seeing Yellowfang. She drops a long, dark feather on his nest. Yellowfang tells him that the time for lies and secrets are over, and it is time for the truth to come out. She tells him that StarClan was wrong not to tell him who he was long ago. Jayfeather is confused, but he realizes that Yellowfang had already faded. He wakes up, angry, wondering why any cat can't speak straight. He realizes that Yellowfang had told him all he needed to know, and feels for the feather that Yellowfang had brought him. He pictures how it had gleamed black in the moonlight in which he had seen Yellowfang, and is hit with the realization that Yellowfang had brought him a crow's feather.
Jayfeather gets out of his den to look for Lionblaze, who is annoyed that his brother woke him up in the middle of the night. Jayfeather hisses that it is important, and orders him to get Hollyleaf. Lionblaze wakes up Hollyleaf, and the three siblings go into the forest. They go towards the WindClan border, in which Hollyleaf sits down, telling Jayfeather that she is not moving until he explains, as it is too cold.  He tells him that he knows who their father is - that it is Crowfeather. His siblings sit together in shock, and Jayfeather is hit by a wave of emotions that were so complicated that Jayfeather could not understand.
Hollyleaf asks if they are half-Clan, and Lionblaze queries of how Jayfeather knows about this. Jayfeather explains how Yellowfang had brought him a crow's feather in his dream, and Hollyleaf tries to search for an explanation, but all cats know that there cannot be a clearer explanation than this. They know that there was no point in trying to pretend that the sign wasn't true. Lionblaze asks if Crowfeather knew about this, and Hollyleaf adds that it might be why Leafpool had kept them a secret. Jayfeather tells him that he doesn't know, and that they must find Crowfeather.
As Jayfeather is walking, he is thoroughly confused, wondering how this could happen, knowing that Leafpool was a medicine cat, and Crowfeather was a WindClan warrior. He knows that they could've never been together, and wonders how he, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf could've been apart of the prophecy when they should have never been born. Hollyleaf sees a WindClan patrol consisting of Owlwhisker, Gorsetail, and Weaselfur. Lionblaze warns his siblings to stay back, telling him that he is going to talk to them. Jayfeather protests, but Lionblaze is already going to them.
Owlwhisker demands to know what Lionblaze is doing, and Lionblaze, all of his emotions in his voice, commands him to fetch Crowfeather now. Weaselfur asks him why he is telling them what to do, and Gorsetail tells Lionblaze to get back to his own territory before they rip his fur off. Lionblaze growls, and his fur fluffs up which makes him appear twice his size. He repeats his order again, and Owlwhisker sounds scared this time as he obeys Lionblaze's command. Crowfeather comes, and asks the three what they want. Jayfeather finds himself unable to speak, and Hollyleaf takes a deep breath. However, Lionblaze is not hesitant, and tells Crowfeather that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw are not their parents. He tells Crowfeather that Leafpool is their mother, and he is their father.
Crowfeather pauses, and tells Lionblaze not to be a mouse-brain, as that is impossible. He sounds extremely certain, leading Jayfeather to believe that he wasn't really their father. He steps into Crowfeather's mind, and sees Leafpool clinging to the edge of the stone hollow, with Crowfeather over her. He sees Crowfeather grabbing her scruff, and bringing her up to safety. The next scene he witnesses is Leafpool and Crowfeather underneath a bush, with Crowfeather persuading her to run away with him. Then, he sees the two walking together, talking to Midnight. He hears Leafpool say that she needs to go back. He then sees badgers attacking the ThunderClan camp, while Crowfeather and Leafpool make their way into it.
In the last scene he experiences is Crowfeather and Leafpool facing each other in the aftermath of the battle. Crowfeather tells her that her heart laid in ThunderClan, and not with him - that it never was with him. Jayfeather lets go of Crowfeather's thoughts, and knows that Yellowfang had not lied to him. Jayfeather asks if Crowfeather knew, and Crowfeather, sounding dazed, replies that he didn't. His voice then grows harder as he tells Jayfeather that he has only one mate, Nightcloud, and only one son, Breezepelt. He tells them that he doesn't know why they came back and told him these lies, and orders them to go home and never comes back. He adds that he doesn't care about ThunderClan cats, and that they mean nothing to him. Both Hollyleaf and Lionblaze are shocked by Crowfeather's harsh words, but Jayfeather faces him. He tells his father that the truth is out and they cannot hide from it.





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