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Chapter Number: 5 (of 45)
Page Numbers: 50-60

Chapter Summary

Heatherstar summons the Clan from where she stands on Tallrock. Beyond WindClan's leader, the distant moor is wide and green, rippled with heather. Tallkit is seated at the edge of the Meeting hollow, a breeze tugging at his pelt. The kit's Clanmates move around him, heading into the sandy dip. It was a plentful greenleaf, and prey had come rich, and WindClan's warriors were plump and sleek.
Tallkit glances over to the tunnelers, who are clustered together. Woollytail's eyes are bright, and Hickorynose paces impatiently. Plumclaw's tail-tip flicks with excitement. Hawkheart and Reedfeather sit as still as stone at the foot of Tallrock, and the rest of the tunnelers fill the hollow.
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Important Events


Tallpaw's Apprentice Ceremony
Heatherstar: Tallpaw. I have thought long and hard about who should mentor you.
Plumclaw: She'll choose Woollytail, surely?
Heatherstar: I have chosen Dawnstripe. Come forward, Dawnstripe.
Heatherstar: I decide the future of my warriors. Share your speed and courage with Tallpaw. Make him a warrior the whole of WindClan can be proud of.
Everyone: Tallpaw!
Reference: Tallstar's Revenge, pages 52-54

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