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Tallpaw's PoV

Tallpaw feels teeth sink into his scruff, and he's jerked back; he swings out into open air, before being let go away from the gorge. Dawnstripe drops her apprentice on the ground, and scolds him. His mentor stares at him, wide-eyed, but Tallpaw is confused. He peers past Dawnstripe, and notices where the grass ends abruptly. It slopes down into a narrow of rock, but below that is a sheer drop. Ryepaw is staring at Tallpaw with wide eyes, and she exclaims that he nearly fell in. Larksplash stops beside Ryepaw, and comments that WindClan hasn't lost an apprentice to the gorge in a while, her eyes sparking.
Dawnstripe snaps at Larksplash, telling her the situation was serious. She nods, and mews that Tallpaw must be frightened enough. Tallpaw, however, can barely hear his Clanmates. His heart pounds so hard, and, trembling, peeks over the edge of the gorge. Water roars at the bottom of the gorge, churning through narrow rocks. He sees it as though some cat had sliced open the moor, but then wonders if this was where Sandgorse was tunneling.
His mentor warns him to stay away from the edge, as the grass is slippery when wet. Heart still thumping, Tallpaw backs away. Ryepaw comforts the frightened apprentice, telling Tallpaw she should've warned him. A bark from the distance distracts the black and white apprentice, and he asks if that's a dog. Ryepaw pricks her ears, assuring him that it wasn't their problem, since it was in RiverClan territory. Larksplash nods to the gray tabby apprentice, and says that they should check the border, just in case.
Ryepaw tastes the air, and she tells Larksplash that the dog is with a Twoleg. Her mentor pads away, over the grass, and replies that the Twoleg will be a daft one, but Ryepaw retorts that all Twolegs are daft. Tallpaw gazes at Dawnstripe, and asks if there are many dogs on the moor. Dawnstripe tells her apprentice that they only come with Twolegs, but only one or two dogs show up. He asks if they've ever come close to the camp, and recalls a time where he'd seen sheep come close to the camp walls.
Dawnstripe tells the apprentice the dogs never get the chance, since they make so much noise. She says that a patrol can hear them, so they have enough time to steer it away. Tallpaw notes that Dawnstripe didn't sound concerned, and she finishes, saying that the dog's teeth is no match for their claws. The ginger she-cat points her muzzle beyond the gorge, and asks Tallpaw if he can see where the land changes. He squints as sun flashes behind the clouds, and sees that farther along the moor, the river had changed. It moved sluggishly where it emerged from the gorge, and Dawnstripe informs him it's RiverClan territory.
She motions to the forest beyond the river, and mentions it's where ThunderClan lives. Tallpaw wonders how ThunderClan can live in a place with no sun to warm their fur or no wind in their ears. Dawnstripe heads away from the gorge and then crossing a slope, topped with heather on the ridge.

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