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Chapter Number: Bonus Scene (of 24)
Page Numbers: 2-21

Chapter Summary

Squirrelflight's PoV

Squirrelflight awakes in her den with Bramblestar, up on Highledge. She realizes that the patrols were organized and long gone at the moment. She feels guilty about sleeping in and missing her duties, but she can't help it because she's a queen expecting kits. Her sister, Leafpool, and her foster son, Jayfeather, the Clan's medicine cats, had been trying to persuade her to move into the nursery. Squirrelflight kept on insisting that she wanted to hang on to her duties as Clan deputy for as long as she could. Since she is in pain, she rests in her den and reflects on her first reactions to finding out about her expecting kits. She remembers her sensations of excitement and joy, completely outweighing any feelings of nervousness. But as the days passed, Squirrelflight's excitement faded as nervousness took over her, weighing her down so it took a massive amount of effort to do anything.
With a lot of effort, Squirrelflight leaves the den to see her Clanmates going to and fro with the days' patrols. Squirrelflight heads to the fresh-kill pile, and sees Cherryfall sharing a vole with Berrynose and Snowbush. Cherryfall beckons her over and offers her a mouse. Berrynose pushes it toward her and tells her to eat. Squirrelflight is hungry and wants to eat it, but she realizes that all of ThunderClan is hungry because it's leafbare. She feels guilty about taking more than her fair share. Squirrelflight reflects on how hungry and how much pain she is. In turn, that leads to her thinking about her foster litter: Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. She remembers how when they discovered the truth of their parentage, it took a long time for them to forgive her or Leafpool. She is anxious, frantically pondering if she was a good mother.
Snowbush interrupts her thought process and tells her to eat the mouse. Squirrelflight insists that she doesn't need all of the mouse. Cherryfall objects, saying that she does need the prey, telling her that she's eating for her kits as well. Berrynose says that it's mouse brained that she won't eat, and Squirrelflight snaps back at him, abrupt annoyance overcoming her. Cherryfall tries to comfort Squirrelflight with a gesture that just annoys the dark ginger she-cat even more. Cherryfall says that Berrynose wasn't being annoying intentionally. Squirrelflight slides out her claws threateningly when Berrynose mutters in exasperation about she-cats, but Snowbush slips in between the two of them, attempting to soothe her and assuring her that they know times are presently tough for her. Cherryfall agrees, adding that they only want what's best for Squirrelflight and her kits and encouraging her to eat the mouse.
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