"This is the first time I've had an emergency, and I'm here on my own! What do I do?"
Alderpaw's thoughts after hearing about Cherryfall's injury in The Apprentice's Quest, page 70

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Chapter Number: 5 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 68-76

Chapter Summary

Alderpaw's PoV

Alderpaw is treating Dovewing's sore throat with tansy, and she dips her head in thanks. She chews them up, remarking that she is starting to feel better already, and swallows them. Jayfeather praises him briskly with approval as he has been a medicine cat apprentice for a while now. As Alderpaw begins to clean up herbs, Squirrelflight pushes her way into the medicine den and asks if Leafpool was back from ShadowClan yet. Jayfeather replies back by saying she wasn't back and he doesn't know why she is helping out Littlecloud. He also says that since ShadowClan has so many apprentices, they should find one for Littlecloud. Squirrelflight tells him that he knows an apprentice needs to be the right kind of cat. She then asks him if he is busy as she and Bramblestar want to speak with him in the leader's den. Squirrelflight and Jayfeather head out while Alderpaw tosses a mossball to Briarlight to help her with her exercises. She asks him how his training is going and the medicine cat apprentice meows that he doubts he will ever become a full medicine cat. Briarlight comforts him by telling him he'll be fine, as he'd been apprenticed for less than a half-moon.
A moment later, he hears his sister crying for him. She rushes into the den and asks where Jayfeather is. She reports that her mentor, Cherryfall, got hurt by injuring her leg. Alderpaw freezes in shock, as he is uncertain what to do, but Briarlight helps out with telling her that he is in the leader's den. She runs to get him and Alderpaw wonders if he should get any herbs and what the right ones are. He hears her outside calling for him again and he, Sparkpaw, and Jayfeather run out into the forest. Sparkpaw takes the lead and Alderpaw helps guide Jayfeather. His mentor asks him to get a move on, so he looks for the easiest way. The blind tom asks how Cherryfall hurt herself and Sparkpaw says that she, Cherryfall, and Sorrelstripe were going to go to Twolegplace to find Minty and Jessy. Cherryfall figured that maybe the two kittypets had something to do with StarClan's prophecy. Jayfeather thinks that it was a mouse-brained idea, and Sparkpaw defends her by saying it was worth trying. The she-cat leads them to a hollow and they spot Cherryfall and Sorrelstripe. Her mentor is lying down with one paw stretched out and the two medicine cats go to her. They examine her wound and Alderpaw spots sharp Twoleg stuff close by.
Jayfeather asks his apprentice to bring cobwebs for the wound, and he hesitates. Sparkpaw spots an oak tree and thinks there may be cobwebs in there. The ginger she-cat is followed by Sorrelstripe to the tree. After the two cats return, Jayfeather instructs him to press down on her leg to stop the bleeding. Alderpaw hands over the cobweb to his mentor to wrap it around Cherryfall's paw. On their way back to camp, Cherryfall is supported by Sparkpaw and Sorrelstripe. They lead her to the medicine den, where Alderpaw arranges a nest for her. After removing the cobweb, they inspect the wound again to see no signs of further bleeding. Jayfeather gives him comfrey root to chew up and put on Cherryfall's injury. His mentor tells that he is done for today and to get something to eat. Alderpaw spots Sparkpaw by the fresh-kill pile, and she invites him to share a vole with her. After looking at the prey, the dark ginger tom confesses to his sister that he was shaken by seeing Cherryfall's wound. He states that he doesn't know if he'll ever be a medicine cat, but Sparkpaw tells him to trust himself as she was really impressed with how he treated Cherryfall. Beginning to eat, Alderpaw starts to feel better.





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